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Something about Munros and
GPS in the Scottish Mountains
- including plea for help if you walk hills and use GPS -
and GPS lists created by you and me

 Link for SMC Journal readers for additional information that could not be included in my 2006 Journal article

The 2024
 International Round Rotherham trail event
50 mile, 81 km
(41st running) - 5th October


SMC Journal link
Relaxing in camp
Munros and GPS
(relaxation after a hard day's walking)
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The Round Rotherham

RRR - Information and Entries

RRR - 2016 results
2015 results
2014 results
RRR - 2013 results
RRR - 2012 results
RRR - 2011 results
RRR - 2010 results
2009 results
2008 results
RRR - 2007 results (the 25th)
RRR - 2006 results,
2005 results,
Older results  

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SYO / orienteering

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The popular 80 km Round Rotherham International for runners and walkers (plus relay),

RRR info and (individual and relay) entry form
Entries close a week before the event.  NO LATER ENTRIES!

Orienteering and South Yorkshire Orienteers
including web appearance by the Lawns
and Dan the 2002 British Champion

I've got a jet plane

a bit about ME and some more links

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