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When not Working, Munroing, Orienteering or running, I have been known to fly a Taffoni plane. (This was in Corsica)

Taffoni rock


Sites declared worthy and tediously dull by Robin Marston, from whom the format of the page was pinched but freely adapted with added pictures, together with these links:

Robin's web page in German (may be closed now), and his German page in English (also likely to close) describe the Federation for Tediously Dull Web-page Design (FTDWPD)

He has also complained that apostrophies are missing on this page and on the return links. This is probably because Word has intelligently converted them from ASCII code 039 to single close quotes, which presumably do not display on his computer in Germany.

This description helped to earn score of 4/5 for being tedious and boring.


Test area


test discussion

And last, but in all seriousness: the disclaimer - irredeemably boring, according to Robin.

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