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The Scottish Mountaineering Club CD "The Munros v1.1" has a link to the equivalent page on the my freeserve versionwhich is now defunct. Link to my 123 page here
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Please can you help If you are an active walker and use GPS, your assistance is requested.
Has links to current GPS Munro and Top files

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Someone asked me "what is Munroing?"
What would you say?

"Munroing is an addictive devotional activity"


My Munro Compleation

Any better offers?

Beinn a' Chroin seems to have moved - and now according to the OS.  It was classified (on this website) as a moving Munro, but the current OS 1:25000 map shows a new highest point.  
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Warning: New Munro, Section 2
The Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, An Stuc, Ben Lawers and Beinn Ghlas circuit

What on the map looks a simple extension to add the 'new' Munro An Stuc is deceptive. Descend from Meall Garbh to the bealach below An Stuc. There is then a well defined path half left up An Stuc that suddenly becomes very steep and loose, and very exposed. There are several corries; it may be that the 'easy' one was filled with snow when we were there, but I am not convinced. Alternative routes from the bealach are (a) contour right to the NW ridge of An Stuc (I believe there is a path in summer, but it was a steep snow field in May) or (b) drop down to Lochan nan Cat, go SW and reascend to the bealach between An Stuc and Creag an Fhithich. Then continue the walk to Ben Lawers and Beinn Ghlas.


See Munro page a subsequent link to Munro GPS page and direct to page with data files
Munro routes: waypoints to guide you up (and down) Munros
(GPS is now free from deliberate error)

If you can help with Munro, Top, Corbett or Graham GPS data, or routes, click here

One benefit of this could be to help overcome magnetic anomalies, with sensible bearings even when walking ....
Altitude readings are not now random numbers

(revision in progress; apologies for any broken links)

An Teallach from Sgurr Mor

For GPS waypoint data to these and 515 other Scottish hills (Munros and Tops), download them from your SMC CD "The Munros" V1.1 for loading to a GPS unit (Garmin, Magellan, etc - use inter alia GPS Utility (details on link)). The
GPS data page offers alternative sets of waypoint files.

and read the information:
What is a Munro?
why GPS?
GPS data,
format of the GPS data and
GPS as an aid to navigation in mountains

More information modules to be added.
e.g. Background to the GPS data on the SMC CD
How to upload GPS data to your GPS unit (Garmin, Magellan, etc).

The Munro data in .csv format can be used for other purposes,
e.g. plotting a graph showing the distribution of Munros,
or for setting up your own database/spreadsheet.

The linked page also includes corrections to the GPS data as reported.

Hunt the Munro:
Even the 1997 tables seem not to be definitive; there is some doubt as to the summit of several Munros.
See some discussion about whether (as a Munroist) you went to the right place (or did you miss one)!

Further information about mountaineering in Scotland


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