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Rotherham Harriers and Athletics Club
(trail and fell running section)

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Trail Running Section
Secretary: Sharon Burton

This web site is primarily to provide information about the Round Rotherham

email: Henry Marston

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The Round Rotherham
(a mere 50 miles, 81 km) on the second or third Saturday of October  - individual and relay


Generally published 3rd Wed of month
current newsletter

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Have you seen the RHAC web-site Updated RHAC web-site?  

(Revitalised by Pete Humphries)

Links to local clubs, etc

Rotherham Harriers and Athletics Club

The premier South Yorkshire Athletics Club

Latest News: Newsletter Pete Humphries has taken on the mantle of editor, to be published on the first Wednesday of the month. He has the perennial editor's problem; he needs copy! Get your articles/event reports etc to him by e-mail (to Pete H) or in the kiosk at Herringthorpe

New RHAC web-site - Events which lists forthcoming events

Rotherham now has a parkrun, at Clifton Park, 5 km, start at the bandstand (near the Cenotaph) at 9am every Saturday

Turn up and run for free!!


Medicine Cabinet
link offered for foot problems

Dennis Denlinger says "Many runners experience foot pain and shin splints. In the past all that could be done is rest, special shoes, pain pills and surgery. Now a new discovery gives the runner tools to relieve foot pain, flat feet, shin splints and other foot problems in certain cases by teaching how to use the foot arch correctly."  For more information visit his web site and quote the RHAC website as where you found it.


Recent Successes:

Derek Clarke is making a habit of coming third in the London Marathon  as an o/70, in 2003 and 2004

Doug Rufus 88 years young finished the 2000 London Marathon in 24326th position
in a time of 6 h 51 min (a long day at the office). Would you believe that he got a rejection slip for 2001?

The Rotherham Harriers Challenge Cup for the Christmas Day Race

The Christmas Day Race was established in the first year of the club, 1887

The Round Rotherham

Rowbotham's Round Rotherham is now RHAC's longest established regular open event. It comprises a walk or run of 80 km (50 miles in old money), a largely off-road route following the scenic and largely rural boundary of Rotherham. The route passes close to the Firsby Reservoirs:

near route

The Round Rotherham has been a qualifying event (1 point - 4 points needed)  for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-BlancŪ

It can also be used as a qualifying event for the LDWA 100-mile event (follow links to event and rules)

and is used as a training event for the Marathon de Sables


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Disclaimer: This site is maintained for the benefit of athletes from Rotherham and elsewhere but it is not an official RHAC web-site. Accordingly opinions expressed on the website or in the newsletter extracts may not be official club policy.