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Saturday, 9th December, 2006

Sorry for the delay in posting the full results. They have now been sent out, together with certificates, to people who submitted an SAE. If you have not received paper results/certificate and would like either or both, please e-mail me (without the NOT, and include a Subject and Body text - unexplained attachments are treated as spam) with your name and postal address in a format that I can cut out and paste on an envelope.

Performance Graphs now added

I have been on my travels, other concerns intruded, but the results are now almost complete. 
Please let me know if you spot any errors .

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Full individual results, LeadersTeamRelay

Performance Graphs

Records: Chris Parkes (1996) 6 h 17 min    Jez was just 10 minutes down this year - good running conditions, which puts Chris's run in context. The challenge is set!

              Sharon Gayter (1995) 7 h 44 min (50 mile course)                         Equivalent best time: Carolyn Hunter-Rowe (1992) 6 h 50 min 00s, based on shorter course

Male Leaders

Pos'n. Name Club m/f Overall Overall Finishes
1 Jez Bragg Raidlight M 06:27:07 04:46 2
2 Ian Hill Bingley Harriers M 07:09:01 05:17 1
3 Paul Hart Dumfries Running Club M 07:14:02 05:21 2
4 Les Hill Dumfries RC M 07:28:42 05:32 5
5 Andrew Rankin Muddy Mucky Munkys M 07:31:11 05:34 1
6 Sean Ketteridge Access Warriors M 07:35:09 05:37 1
= Allen Smalls Access Warriors M 07:35:09 05:37 1

Female Leaders

Pos'n. Name Club m/f Overall Overall Finishes
1 Jenn Dick University of Sheffield F 08:38:15 06:23 1
2= Cath Worth N. York Moors AC F 09:02:10 06:41 3
2= Anne Wade Trail Runners Assoc. F 09:02:10 06:41 3
4 Emma Hargrave Hunters Bog Trotters F 09:33:34 07:04 2
5 Margaret Ehrenberg Sparkhill Harriers F 09:55:40 07:21 1

These are preliminary results, subject to re-scrutiny.  Please let me know if you spot any errors.


Full results (includes retirements)   Split times  or as an Excel file

Those of us who took part are grateful to the officials and helpers who made the event possible
Checkpoint officials: Ray Howarth and Jane; Celia and Keith Dutton, David Haywood; the extended Booth family; Ken Horan; Paul Stevenson and Steve Gaines;  Julia Jennings and family; Mick Concannon; Mick Cochrane
Sweeper: Pete Adams
Hot meal at halfway: Elaine Laurie and June Harney
Hot meal at finish: Pat and Ralph Rowbotham and Jenny Gent
Jim Brogan, for driving the computer on the day that produced the results  
DVC Sports Centre staff
The runner who stopped to help a fellow trough a bad patch and saw him to the finish.

What the papers said: Rotherham Advertiser and Athletics Weekly  - 

10-completions Award

In line with a tradition in LDWA events, an award has been introduced for completing the event 10 times. Awards have been made to Roy Varo, Henry Marston, Dave Carratt, Kerry Booth, Mick Cochrane, George Kay, Terry Griffiths, Andrew West, Chris Sanders, David Fox, Mick Marsters, Brian Harney, Ian O'Mara, Tom Hughes, Bob Berzins, Peter Simpson, Percy Wellor, Martin Gaynor, Barry Harrison, David Keward and Michael Collins. The awards are based on my records; please let me know if there is an error (contact information below). Names get spelled differently in different years (Steve or Stephen), ladies marry, and certain names have been duplicated, easy when there were two Nigel Robinsons in one year, more difficult when there were John Whites in different years, from different clubs (which is not decisive) but different DOB (which is).

Additional awards were made this year to Kevin Uzzell and Malcolm Coles.  

That's a total of 23 

20-completions Award

Roy Varo was the first to reach 20 completions (2005).


Retirements are included with main results 

Apologies for the problems in producing certificates as problems arose with generating times on the day.  Certificates have been circulated with these results IF a results envelope was submitted.   If you want a certificate, e-mail me with your address.   Certificates not sent out will be available for collection next year, on 9 Dec.

Team Result
Subject to re-scrutiny of affiliation / team membership

Pos Cumulative Club Scorers
1 23h 14min Macclesfield Harriers Julian Brown, Mark Hartell and Stephen Watts
2 23h 45min Rotherham H & AC William Watson, Mick Marsters and Kerry Booth
3 23h 48min Access Warriors Sean Ketteridge , Allen Smalls  and Martin Longhurst
4 27h 38min Macclesfield Harriers Neil King, Ross Litherland  and Joanna Miles
5 27h 6min Trail Runners Assoc. Ken Fancett, Anne Wade and Colin Travis
6 32h 57min Totley David Egan, Don Longley and David Shepherd
7 34h 4min Trail Runners Assoc. Barry Harrison, Karl Williams and Fiona Cameron
8 35h 57min Rotherham H & AC Janice Streets, Henry Marston and John Clarke (Rothm)
9 36h 15min Ilford AC Kevin Marshall, Michael Sutton and Steve Allen
10 38h 1min Trail Runners Assoc. Mandy Vine, Jane Matthews and Marla Howard-Cutts
11 41h 57min LDWA - Irregulars Michael Terry Griffiths, Mick Clayton and David Roberts
12 43h 3min LDWA - Essex & Herts Caroline Wood, Mick Dodge and Brian Barker
13 45h 16min Vernon's Stupid Heroes Tony Moore, Elaine Statham and Mick Statham
14 45h 52min Kimberworth Striders Theresa Elliott, Jayne Sanderson and Sue Andrews

The calculation is on cumulative time.
(Note: LDWA (as a whole), FRA and TRA have not been included as bona fide teams)
LDWA members: If you wish to claim membership of a section, please let me know


Please let me know if you are aware of any errors / undeclared changes.

Relay analysis   Relays by Class

Pos'n. Name Club class   Overall Overall
          Time Rate
          h:min:s min/km
1 Kimmy Kamikazi Kimberworth Open 8 5:50:32 4:19
2 Swallows and Amazons Rother Valley Swallows Mixed 8 6:07:32 4:32
3 Smurf Maltby Open 2 6:24:03 4:44
4 Sheffield Running Club Sheffield Running Club Open 8 6:26:31 4:46
5 RHAC Supersnails RHAC Mixed 8 6:40:03 4:56
6 Squirrel Squad Maltby Mixed 8 7:04:34 5:14
7 Women in Black RHAC Female 8 7:06:10 5:15
8 Kimmy Kittens Kimberworth Female 8 7:12:07 5:20
9 Rother Valley Swallows Rother Valley Swallows Mixed 8 7:29:28 5:32
10 Kimmy Krapers Kimberworth Open 8 7:36:13 5:37
11 Team QH 2012   Open 7 7:38:11 5:39
12 Access Warriors   Mixed 8 7:39:09 5:40
13 DVC Sports   Open 7 7:40:00 5:40
14 Physiofit Rotherham   Mixed 6 7:46:10 5:45
15 Killamarsh A Killamarsh Open 2 8:06:10 6:00
= Killamarsh Kestrels Killamarsh Kestrels Open 2 8:06:10 6:00
Maltby B Maltby Open 8 8:08:27 6:01
18 Doonhamers Dumfries RC Mixed 2 9:34:28 7:05
= Queen of the South Dumfries RC Open 2 9:34:28 7:05
  Men in Black RHAC Open 8 incomplete  

Team members: Please check names (when available), and let me know if there is an error, e.g. by e-mail to

Relay: Relays by category  

Relay split times  Relay Analysis  Relay splits and analysis are now available
HELP:- I need to confirm team members, who ran which leg.  Are these names correct?

Please e-mail me to advise of errors.  The table above (of unconfirmed teams) or Split is probably the easiest to check.

Still to be added:

Newsgroup Comments

Graphs of speed over each stage


Compare 2005


Compare with 2005

Lost Property (so far not claimed)

black bag with dirty shoes

e-mail me to claim lost items


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