present an ultra cross country Trail event and also an ultra cross country Trail Relay through the South Yorkshire Forest following the approximate route of the ROTHERHAM boundary,
for 50 miles / 81 km along footpaths, towpaths, tracks and roads, on an undulating route with overall 800 m of climb,
based on an idea from the long standing club secretary Ralph Rowbotham (and also former Club President), hence

Event Centre: Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, Station Road, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham S63 7DG
Sat Nav, use S63 7BU  Grid reference SE442017

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If you have been sent here from Fabian4 about TG rules, here is the link you need
Reminder - Each person in the Individual event must carry their own active mobile phone as declared in the Entry system
As you set up the profile of each participant (if you are entering others) be sure to provide their mobile phone number rather than accepting the default

Email for general enquiries about the event
or for specific questions about the web page
Emails will be forwarded as appropriate
(Include a Subject and Body text - unexplained attachments may be treated as spam)
Note: Information on this page is provided in good faith. No responsibility is accepted for errors or subsequent changes.

Entries are now open for 2024

Note: closing date will be Sunday 29th September (at 23:59)!
(Enter by Sunday 15th September to order a T-shirt)


There will be a different entry procedure and timing system for 2024.
Entries will be taken on Fabian4, with timing and race monitoring by the Racetek system, operated on the day by Fabian4.
The entry system is similar to the SiEntries system used in recent years.  There are different entry procedures for the Individual and Relay

For the Individual, the 'lead' participant can enter a group. After entering their details, they can add details of others.
When setting the profile for each person, remember to provide different mobile phone numbers for each - you may get separated
Make selections of start window, extras like T-shirt, medal, and meal option.

For the Relay, the team manager gives their contact details and can enter more than one team.
Team members and their legs can be entered once payment has been made, or later if you prefer, and edited as changes become necessary up to a date to be specified.

On the day, registration will be similar to recent years. Collect a race number, hand in bags for Woodsetts (individual) and collect T-shirt, etc.
Collect a wristband from the Fabian4 desk (on a lanyard for the relay).
At the Start (when you are ready to set off), at each checkpoint and at the Finish you present the wristband to a Racetek box, much as you would present a contactless credit card to a card reader.
The Racetek box then reports your position to 'base' where live positional results are planned to be on display. 
Live results will be available over the internet, on your mobile phone, with predictions of forthcoming arrivals at the later checkpoints.
For more information, visit Fabian4 Entries and Timing and Racetek-live

Note: You can edit your entry on the Fabian4 system up to the online closing date, for example to change start time, relay team membership.
You may be requested to amend you entry to provide additional information nearer the day.

Entries can be cancelled up to 2 months before the event, and Extras up to the closing date for ordering T-shirts. for a full refund apart from the Fabian4 processing fees

Currently there are no legal restrictions related to Covid-19.
Nevertheless, anyone who is testing positive for Covid, or feeling unwell with Covid symptoms, should not attend, as participant or official.

Make sure you enter by 23:59 on Sunday 29th September (pre-entries and entry editing will then automatically close for this event). NO LATE ENTRIES OR ENTRIES ON THE DAY
29 if you are a member of TRA or an athletics club that is affiliated to UK Athletics, otherwise 31.
Under TRA rules, "Affiliation" requires membership of TRA or an athletics club affiliated to UKA, not personal UKA membership; a UKA number is not required.

T-shirt 10.00, Medal 8.00, Badge to all individuals and certificate to all who complete the course.
(Order T-shirt and to guarantee a badge by Sunday 15th September)
The medal is a personalised medal, engraved with your name and time on the reverse and sent to your home address, as I understand.
No sleeping overnight in the MWBC building, but you can sleep in the Event Centre car park in vehicle or tent, toilets available (Friday night only)

Over recent years, there has been a substantial cost increase was required to pay for professional first-aid cover and for more reliable event monitoring.
We hope the assistance will not be required, but should you have need for help, we are confident that you will appreciate the assistance. We have had incidents for first aid attention each year!
This year we have kept the entry fees the same as last year.

Entry procedure: ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN
Visit web page for Individuals, click on the 'Current Start List' to see who has entered so far.  Update is almost immediate.
Please be aware of the regulations for eligibility to compete in the female category stipulated by UK Athletics apply. See link

Some guidance on making your entry:

Note: There are separate entry routes for Individuals and the Relay.  This is for the Individual

Step 1 are the details for the Lead Entrant, who can make entries for other people

Step 2 is for the basic information for each person being entered.
Competitor 1 is the Lead Entrant. Some information will be carried over from Step 1, but you need to add DOB, etc
Club: This determines whether you pay the 'Affiliated' or 'Non-affiliated' entry fee, and your qualification for the 3-person team award .
If you are a member of a Club affiliated to UK Athletics, this should be available from the drop-down list that appears after you have typed in at least 3 characters in the 'Club' box.
If you use this, it helps us to identify your eligibility for the 3-person Team Award. Also, you can click 'Yes' on the next line.
Otherwise, type in your Club/Team Name freestyle, including TRA for which you click Yes to the next line, and give your membershipnumber onteh following line.
If your club is affiliated to UK Athletics, to your belief, you can click 'Yes' on the next line for an affiliated entry (but it will be checked).
As a member of a UK Athletics Club, that is your first claim, so that is your Team
Alternatively, you may be entering as an unaffiliated team, 3 or more of you (not necessarily on the same form).  LDWA are not affiliated so the next line is NO. 
While LDWA as a whole is not regarded as a team for the 3-person team award, groups are so type in, e.g. LDWA Vermyden if that is your section.
the line 'Mobile (only if different)' corresponds to the mobile you will be carrying on the day.

You are then offered the opportunity to order T-shirts (collected on the day) and/or personal engraved medals with your name and result, posted to you after the event.
There will also be certificates, details to be confirmed.
You are also asked if you would like a meal at the finish, options Meat, Vegetarian, Vegan. There is a sub-option of Gluten-Free that you can also request.
We do not control refreshments at the checkpoints - they are largely up to our volunteers.  If you have particular requirements, you may want to provide your own refreshments.
Maybe you carry some for stages 1 to 4, and send those for Stages 4 to 8 in the 'bag for half-way'.
If you have any particular allergic condition, you can email
general enquiries about meal concerns and possible transport of some food to other chaeckpoints..
Most people use the 'bag for half-way' for a 'change of clothing', handed in at Registration and returned to the Event Centre once used.  

Repeat Step 2 for additional competitors you want to add using 'Add another competitor profile'
Each person is required to carry their own mobile phone on the day, so a different mobile number needs to be entered for each

It you are the 'computer guru' making an entry for someone else, but not yourself participating, you can delete your Competitor Profile

Once you have all the competitor Profiles entered, you can move on to Step 3
Step 3+ For each Competitor, select the Class, either an early start of the slower walkers, around 4 am, with an expected overall time of 16 to 20 hours, or a regular start for steady walkers to elite runners 5:30 to 7:15.
On this page, you can order T-shirts and badges according to your group's requests, updatable to the T-shirt closing date.  You don't need to give a number of people who plan to stay at the MWBC on Friday night. We only need an indication.

Tick the acceptance of T&C's before moving to Step 3+, requirements for each participant. If you would like a meal at the Finish, select which, or No Meal. Otherwise, answer questions to your best ability.
Q11 is to identify if you are a returner for the Individual, and Q12 will be used to check the Archive.  Then move on...

Step 3++: For each participant, select the time you plan to present at registration, with the intention of starting within about 10 minutes.
Start time selection
Runners: register around 7:00 if you anticipate taking less than 12 hours.
In 2024, sunrise is 7:14 am, sunset at 6:31 pm, so dawn (getting light) is about 6:40 am, dusk 7:06 pm,  so even if you slip a bit from your 12 hour schedule, you are better starting between 6:30 and 7 am.
Walkers and joggers: 06:00 (generally taking from 12 to 16 hours, and up to 17 hours) - including slower runners
Runners can get into a tricky section in the dark on Stage 1 if they start at 6 am (it will be getting light for genuine walkers), whereas the final stage is relatively benign.
Slower Walkers, expecting to take 16 to 20 hours: 04:00
Note: these are the Nominal Start Times
If you are thinking of starting early, at around 4 am, note that Checkpoint 1 will open at 6:30 am, and Checkpoint 2 at 8:30, corresponding to finishing in 16 hours, allowing some slowing down later
If you arrive early, you will be required to wait for the checkpoint to open.

If you have ordered a T-shirt, you can carry it with you or drop it off at the car park that you pass on the way, with minimal delay. 
Alternatively, allow a bit more time to drop the T-shirt at the car park and come back for your start, or after a late coffee break (available at Registration) or loo-call

Step 4 is review followed by payment.
Note: If you go Back, some info needs re-entering as you go forward again

There are separate entry routes for Individuals and the relay

Age Limit
The Minimum Age on the Day is 20 years for the individual event, under UKA rules.
Also UKA rules prohibit accompanying dogs, except assistance dogs

Subsequently, entries are checked against declared prior involvement and are posted on this website showing the archive information at irregular intervals.
An award is made for 10 completions and multiples (20, 30 etc). Hence the request on the entry form about previous entries. You can check our Historical Record to see how often you have started and finished, and your times, according to OUR records.
Corrections please to me,  Please also let me know if you may have (or may have) entered under a different name in earlier years (Steve v. Stephen, Miss Jones v. Mrs Smith)

See Navigation page for description of route / route changes / schematic map / accommodation

Other useful information on / from RRR page

Historical record, to answer question of (approximate) number of completions, if you aren't sure. 
If you disagree, please contact the archivist,
to discuss.
The claimed number is primarily used to check whether an entry has to be linked to an entry in a previous year; the number in the archive is not changed unless an error is identified and resolved.
 Concise list of number of completions by surname  Initials A-F   Initials G-N    Initials O-Z
Archive - summary of historical information with links to detailed listings
(updated to include the 2023 event)

Date: Saturday, 5th October, 2024


The Minimum Age on the Day is 20 years for the individual event.

Please note that entries and results will be processed by computer, and can only be accepted on this basis. This information will only be used in connection with the Round Rotherham event.  

Any person taking part under the wrong name will be disqualified..
You have every opportunity to enter correctly on the day


See above for entry details

Click here   for Relay

Entries for 2024 are now open

Note: closing date will be Sunday 29th September! EOD (Entry on the Day) is NOT available
(Enter by Sunday 15th September to order a T-shirt)

Some guidance on making your entry:

Note: There are separate entry routes for Individuals and the Relay.  This is for the Relay

Step 1 are the details for the Team Manager, optionally the manager of several teams.

Step 2 is for the basic team information
Club Details: This can be an athletics club or other group, e.g. Acme Works Team.
To enter a team, select the Class, Open, Mixed or Ladies. Type in a Team Name, and click the red Insert below to create the team.
When you are selecting your team name, you can ignore the suggestion:
(Please include the primary word of your club name in the team name. E.g. Borrowdale Goats, AmbleSidewinders.)
Once you have created your teams, you can order T-shirts and badges according to your team requests, updatable to the T-shirt closing date.
You don't need to give a number of people who plan to stay at the MWBC on Friday night. We only need an indication

Step 3 is Review followed by Payment.

After making payment, you can enter competitor details, name and gender of who runs each stage.
This step should be available for editing until after the event so that team managers can update their team up to and even after the event, to list who actually ran.
I plan a 'Final' download on the Monday after the event.  The system will then be frozen and updates will have to be as before, by email.
I have not been able to assess this step in the process, to check it out as I'd have to make payment!.
In good time, I will download the entries and check for class validity


With the relaxation of Coronavirus restrictions, event organisation is in progress, aiming to provide a Covid-free environment.

If you want to check whether your entry has been processed, check on Fabian4 and click on Entry List

Relay Registration form (update, to hand in on the day - not for entry)

Date: Saturday, 5th October, 2024

Differences from the Individual Event are listed here


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