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Saturday, 16th October, 2010

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Name spellings, affiliations etc in the archive and the linked results listings available from this page are based on the archive.  In general, the archive uses the spelling first used by a participant, unless the name change is permanent (e.g. when a lady marries), to avoid risk of confusion between people with similar names, e.g. Steve Walker, Steven Walker and Stephen Walker. For doppelgangers (e.g. the two Stephen Walker's who have appeared) identification text may be added to the name.    Please let me know if you are aware of any errors, to RRRresults   

Basic results will appear on the RHAC website  (direct link)

Sorry for the delay in publishing results; there was a computer problem on the day.

The archive has now been updated and splits are being analysed.

If you know the identity of the unknown runner (7am starter, finished in 10 h 28 min) please Email  results

Full individual results, Leaders, Team, Relay, Completions

Records: Chris Parkes (1996) 6 h 17 min                 
Sharon Gayter (1995) 7 h 44 min (50 mile course) now displaced by Kate Bailey (2010) 7 h 38 min 2 s
Equivalent best time: Carolyn Hunter-Rowe (1992) 6 h 50 min 00s, based on shorter course

Leading Male 

Pos.  	Name   		Club  		Actual Time  		
1= 	Harald Aas 	Oslo 		06:29:35 		 
1= 	Duncan Harris 	City of Chester 06:29:35 	 
3 	Ian Bishop 	Highlanders 	06:35:03 		 

Individual Female

	Pos.  	Name   		Club  		Actual Time
	1  	Kate Bailey  	unattached  	07:38:02
	2=  	Claire Spencer  Kimberworth 	08:20:08
	2=	Jayne Angilley 	Run Further 	08:20:08
Congratulations to Kate: a new record time for this version of the course 

Full results (includes retirements)   Note: a couple of

Split times in traditional format

Split times in WinSplits Online
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For each runner, position, name, club, finish time, time behind the winner and times and positions at each checkpoint are shown. There are two time rows. The upper row contains the split times, i.e. times between two subsequent checkpoints, and the lower row contains the total times, i e accumulated times from the start to a certain checkpoint. The positions are displayed within parentheses, on the upper row the ranking for the stage and on the second row the current race position.  The appearance of the split time list can be altered by changing the settings at the bottom of the page. Read more about this (and other) topics in the WinSplits Help pages.


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blue text colour Blue text colour indicates that the split time or total time is among the three best.
grey, italic text colour Interpolated times
pink background colour Pink background colour means that time was lost on this stage, time taken was 25% longer than expected (taking overall time into account). See WinSplits Help for more information. 
light yellow background colour The light yellow hue of the background of the upper time row for each runner indicates that the times are split times.
darker yellow back colour The somewhat darker yellow hue of the background of the lower of the time rows for each runner indicates that the times are total times (or real times if that setting is active).

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Retirements are included with main results, showing Last Place Recorded 

For interest, let us know if you are interested in Split times, by email to results

Check the Armada Photography  web page to see your picture!  There were some pictures from the start, 2 photographers near checkpoint 1 (Wooden Bridge and Keppels Column) covering most of the field, 2 again at Roche Abbey for the earlier runners, and some pictures from the finish.

Checkpoint officials: Ray and Jane Howarth, and Mick Concannon, David Haywood, Julia, Robert and Simon Jennings, Keith Dutton, Alison Booth plus family, Paul Jepson, Elaine Laurie, Jenny Gent, Jane Crownshaw plus 2 friends from Killamarsh Kestrels, Jeanne Tilley, Janice McWilliam 
Level Crossing: Martin Herrington
Minibus: Brian Gent
Sweeper:  Pete Adams, with Brian Harney,
Sharon Burton also monitoring progress on the course
Hot meal at finish: June Harney and Marilyn Carratt 
Jim Brogan, for driving the computer on the day that produced the results 
Sharon Burton for overseeing everything

What the papers said: Rotherham Advertiser and testimonials  - 

10-completions Award

In line with a tradition in LDWA events, an award has been introduced for completing the event 10 times. Awards have been made to Roy Varo, Henry Marston, Dave Carratt, Kerry Booth, Mick Cochrane, George Kay, Terry Griffiths, Andrew West, Chris Sanders, David Fox, Mick Marsters, Brian Harney, Ian O'Mara, Tom Hughes, Bob Berzins, Peter Simpson, Percy Wellor, Martin Gaynor, Barry Harrison, David Keward, Michael Collins, Kevin Uzzell, Malcolm Coles, Philip Gwilliam, John Cunnane, Philip Elliot, Alan Yates, Julian Brown, David Shepherd, Jim Fulton, Philip Haigh, Paul Sorensen, John Clarke, John Hughes and Barrie Bedford.

Additional awards were made this year to Caroline Boyd and Shirley Hume, the first two ladies to reach this target, plus Philip Musson and Brian Harwood (subject to rechecking).  

That's a total of 39. 

20-completions Award

Roy Varo, Henry Marston, Andrew West and Terry Griffiths had previously been presented with an award for reaching 20 completions.   Kerry Booth and Chris Sanders joined the band this year.

The awards are based on my records; please let me know if there is an error (contact information below). Names get spelled differently in different years (Steve or Stephen), ladies marry, and certain names have been duplicated, easy when there were two Nigel Robinson's in one year, more difficult when there were John White's in different years, from different clubs (which is not decisive) but different DOB (which usually is). 

Ray Matthews of Maltby tackled a solo run of the 50-mile Round Rotherham course before returning at dawn on the Saturday morning for the official event and a chance to repeat the feat.   He therefore covered 100 miles in a 24-hour period, raising funds for the charity, Headway, in the process.  Unfortunately, Ray, this only counts as one completion with respect to the Completions award.  Your total is now 5

Team Result
Subject to re-scrutiny of affiliation / team membership

See RHAC website

The calculation is on cumulative time.
(Note: LDWA (as a whole), FRA and TRA have not been included as bona fide teams)
LDWA members: If you wish to claim membership of a section, please let me know


Pos'n. Name Club class Overall Overall 
        h:min:s min/km
1 Kimberworth Striders A    Open  5:38:42 4:10
2 RHAC 1.3  RHAC Mixed  6:20:23 4:41
3 DVC Running Club    Open  6:24:04 4:44
4 Men In Black  RHAC Open  6:45:42 5:00
5 Madjoggers    Mixed  6:55:19 5:07
6 Sqirrel Squad    Mixed  7:00:33 5:11
7 Kimberworth Striders B    Open  7:03:02 5:13
8 Wildhogs    Open  7:09:27 5:18
9 Ladies In Black  RHAC Female  7:13:40 5:21
10 Kimberworth Striders (f)    Female  7:18:37 5:24
11 Kestrels Trotters    Open  7:20:27 5:26
12 The Energie Girls    Female  7:34:27 5:36
13 Rother Valley Swallows    Mixed  7:58:41 5:54
14 Haywoods Horrors  RHAC Open  8:28:25 6:16
15 Valley Hill Runners    Mixed  8:32:50 6:19


Please let me know if you are aware of any errors / undeclared changes by emailing  Henry Marston

Relay analysis   Relays by Class

Team members: Please check names (when available), and let me know if there is an error, e.g. by e-mail to Henry Marston

Relay: Relays by category  

Relay split times  Relay Analysis  Relay splits and analysis are now available

Split times in WinSplits Online
WinSplits is commercial software that helps analysis of split times from events, as described above.
See Bonus Content which presents data graphically as time behind fastest for stage for the first 10.  A straight declining line is ideal (you were that bit slower than the fastest).  A step down shows (for example) a particularly slow stage.

Graphical presentation of relay split times in SplitsBrowser

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