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Saturday, 17th October, 2009

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Name spellings, affiliations etc in the archive and the linked results listings available from this page are based on the archive.  In general, the archive uses the spelling first used by a participant, unless the name change is permanent (e.g. when a lady marries), to avoid risk of confusion between people with similar names, e.g. Steve Walker, Steven Walker and Stephen Walker. For doppelgangers (e.g. the two Stephen Walker's who have appeared) identification text may be added to the name.    Please let me know if you are aware of any errors, to RRRresults   

Basic results appear on the RHAC website  (links to external site may be broken)

I'm trying to track down information now that I have returned from the World Masters Games in Australia...  but it will take time.  Unfortunately, I have not been provided with the information necessary to prepare the detailed split results, although I am advised that there is an intention to provide split results in due course.

Full individual results with record of completions and age group performance,
Leaders, Team, Relay, Completions

Full individual results as a .pdf file - right click and Save Target As if you want a permanent and printable version.
(27 kBytes, compared to 820 kBytes for the web page)

Please let me, Henry Marston, know if you are aware of any errors, for example where a name in incorrectly spelled or if you disagree with the number of finishes, which are listed according to my records.

Records: Chris Parkes (1996) 6 h 17 min                     Sharon Gayter (1995) 7 h 44 min (50 mile course)

Leading Male

Position Name  Club Time
1 Marcus Scotney Dumfries Running Club  6:42:12
2 Jack Brown Ron Hill Cambuslang Harriers  7:10:50
3= Ian Bishop East Cheshire Harriers  7:38:35
3= Sean Ketteridge Colchester Harriers  7:38:35
3= Pete McKnight    7:38:35
3= Julian Brown Macclesfield Harriers  7:38:35

Comment from Marcus about how he was able to navigate round the route in such a fast time without reconnoitring:

It was like running a very long orienteering race. Thankfully I am an experienced orienteer, and those skills came in very handy. I started orienteering at school and still do some local events and some national events when I have time, I have done 5 KIMMs and planned the first OMM in 2006, and teach mountain navigation on Mountain Marathon training courses; so navigation is one of strengths.

I used 1:25 OS maps at Rotherham which I had added some tips from your brilliant strip maps, for some of the tricky sections. I had also spent a few hours reading the maps and visualising the route in the week leading up to the race, which was a great help as it meant some of the easy sections I was able to run off map memory.  I only made 2 silly errors which possibly cost me around 8mins, where I ran down down the wrong path or round missed the signpost and ended up running around the fishing ponds out near the Runway in the fields.

My comment:

Marcus was advised by several elite road runners that it would be impossible to do a good time without recceing.  Looks like he proved them wrong, thanks to his orienteering experience which teaches the skill of reading a map whilst running through rough terrain.  Also recognising he had gone wrong quickly so that lost time was minimised.  I have also seen walkers glued to the map whilst walking at 6 kph - a skill honed in LDWA events.

Individual Female

Position Name  Club Time
1 Angie Sadler Tewksbury AC  8:23:55
2 Claire Spencer Kimberworth Striders  8:43:26
3 Anne Wade TRA  9:24:07


Full results (includes retirements)   Split times

Checkpoint officials: Ray Howarth and Mick Concannon;  David Haywood; Mick and Julia Jennings; the extended Booth family; Paul Jepson; Pete Townson, Jeanne Tilley; N
igel, Marcia and Tom Kilner
Lindrick crossing (A57): Mick Marsters
Level Crossing: Martin Herrington
Minibus: Brian Gent
Sweeper: Pete Adams

Hot meal at halfway: Elaine Laurie and Jenny Gent
Hot meal at finish: June Harney, Pat Rowbotham, Jackie Sherriff. 
Jim Brogan, for driving the computer on the day that produced the results 
Sharon Burton for overseeing everything, aided by Alan Bryden at Registration and with general assistance


What the papers said: Rotherham Advertiser  -  Also report in Rotherham Harrier's Newsletter - page 6

10-completions Award

In line with a tradition in LDWA events, an award has been introduced for completing the event 10 times. Awards have been made to Roy Varo, Henry Marston, Dave Carratt, Kerry Booth, Mick Cochrane, George Kay, Terry Griffiths, Andrew West, Chris Sanders, David Fox, Mick Marsters, Brian Harney, Ian O'Mara, Tom Hughes, Bob Berzins, Peter Simpson, Percy Wellor, Martin Gaynor, Barry Harrison, David Keward, Michael Collins, Kevin Uzzell, Malcolm Coles, Philip Gwilliam, John Cunnane, Philip Elliot and Alan Yates. 

Additional awards were made this year to Julian Brown, David Shepherd, Jim Fulton, Philip Haigh, Paul Sorensen, John Clarke, John Hughes and Barrie Bedford (subject to rechecking).  

That's a total of 35. 

20-completions Award

Roy Varo and Henry Marston have been presented an award for reaching 20 completions.  Andrew West and Terry Griffiths joined the band this year.

The awards are based on my records; please let me know if there is an error (contact information below). Names get spelled differently in different years (Steve or Stephen), ladies marry, and certain names have been duplicated, easy when there were two Nigel Robinson's in one year, more difficult when there were John White's in different years, from different clubs (which is not decisive) but different DOB (which usually is). 

Retirements are included with main results 

Team Result
Subject to re-scrutiny of affiliation / team membership

The calculation is on cumulative time.
(Note: LDWA (as a whole), FRA and TRA have not been included as bona fide teams)
LDWA members: If you wish to claim membership of a section, please let me know


Pos'n. Name Club class Overall Overall  Number
        Time Rate in team
        h:min:s min/km  
1 Men in Black  (RHAC) Open 5:56:22 4:23 8
2 Kimmy Kamikaze  (Kimberworth Striders) Open 6:00:12 4:26 8
3 Handsworth Wildhogs   Open 6:14:44 4:37 8
4 Sheffield Running Club Sheffield Running Club Open 6:15:16 4:37 8
5 Flighing Kestrels  (Killamarsh Kestrels) Open 6:40:54 4:56 4
6 TechnoSnails  (RHAC) Mixed 6:41:08 4:57 8
7 Dearne Valley Staff   Open 6:56:29 5:08 8
8 Women in Black  (RHAC) Female 6:56:36 5:08 8
9 Doonhamer Dudes Dumfries Running Club/ Open 7:05:19 5:15 5
10 Kimmy Kittens  (Kimberworth Striders) Female 7:06:16 5:15 8
11 Maltby Running Club Maltby Running Club Mixed 7:08:29 5:17 8
12 Doonhamer Dollies Dumfries Running Club/ Female 7:30:02 5:33 4
13 Bus Pass Brigade   Open 7:52:53 5:50 8
14 NHS Rotherham   Open 8:17:51 6:08 8
15 Bluebell Wood   Mixed 8:26:30 6:15 8
16 Handsworth Groundhogs   Open 8:31:32 6:18 8


Please let me know if you are aware of any errors / undeclared changes.

Relay analysis   Relays by Class


Team members: Please check names (when available), and let me know if there is an error, e.g. by e-mail to

Relay: Relays by category  

Relay split times  Relay Analysis  Relay splits and analysis are now available
HELP:- I need to confirm team members, who ran which leg.  Are these names correct?

Please e-mail me to advise of errors.  The table above (of unconfirmed teams) or Split is probably the easiest to check.

Newsgroup Comments

Graphs of speed over each stage


Compare 2008


Compare with 2008

Lost Property (so far not claimed)

 1 small hand held torch
1 pair men's size M black Ron Hill tracksters
2 x men's size L blue Quecha fleece tops
1 RHAC 'Dream Team' 1999 white t shirt!!!
1 x Mizuno off road size 9 shoes

email  rrrentries, to claim lost items


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