Results of Rowbotham's Round Rotherham

Saturday, 12th December, 1998

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Preliminary report - trophy winners

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Race report at bottom of table

Individual Result

Pos'n Name Club m/f Overall Time
Open 1, 2, 3 h:min:s
1 Tony Okell. Stockport M 07:08:55
2 Dick Kearn. Compton Harriers M 07:16:00
3 Martin Gaynor. RHAC M 07:17:19
Ladies 1, 2, 3
1 Julie Bushell. York Acorn RC F 09:49:35
2 Janice Streets RHAC F 10:19:55
3 Wendy Holmes Ripley F 10:28:55

Detailed individual results (also 3 person team):

Progress graph

8-Stage Relay results

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Relay Result (leading teams)

Position Team Name Time,


1 Open RHAC Veterans

'We aim to please'

1 Female RHAC ladies

'Tarts in Trainers'

1 Mixed Kimberworth

'Bev's Bonny Boys'


* Rules permit teams of any number of runners from 2 to 8, provided that no runner runs consecutive stages

Detailed 8-Stage Relay results

See 1999 entry form for specification of Mixed Team


Round Rotherham

80 km / 50 miles

12th December, 1998

Results: Before dawn 158 participants set out from the Brampton Leisure Centre to walk or run the now traditional Christmas event in the long distance calendar, the Round Rotherham.

On the day, conditions were excellent from the ankles up (unless you finished late at night, when a band of rain swept the route), with once again plenty of glorious mud created by the preceeding wet weeks. Even walking downhill was hard going in places.

There were 63 walkers/joggers, who started at 06:00, with around 65 runners starting at 07:00 and around 20 athletes at 08:00, with quite a few enquiries and entries coming via this web site.

Tony Okell came back to defend his title, the heavier conditions precluding a pb.

Julie Bushell improved from her runner's up position of last year in the ladies event, also failing to improve on her pb. Congratulations to Adele Morris for extracting over £500 in sponsorship from friends and members of the club for her performance. Thanks to all who contributed (information from the RHAC Briefing).

Ten relay teams took part, with an 08:30 start. The strengthened RHAC Veteran's relay team managed to take 6 minutes off their excellent time of last year. The tiredness induced by the energy-sapping mud doesn't have time to develop with relay runners!

Graeme Carey (100 km Association) reports that the Round Rotherham was a scoring race for the 1998 British Ultra Cup, in which Kerry and Martin had good results.

Full listing from henry marston, or further information from Greame

Thanks to:

the multitude of checkpoint marshalls,

Brian's family for the meal at the finish, and

Pete Adams for his sweeping of the route, tracing many lost souls.

Dates for your diary:

Other events of the Northern Triangle.

Early in 2000, competitors go on to the Darlington Dash and Doncaster Doddle, the second and third legs of the Northern Triangle series, for the overall championship.

Details, Doncaster Doddle, Sunday, 20th February 2000: K. Roberts, Doncaster ???

The other event of the Northern triangle is the Darlington Dash 20th March 2000 ??? (entry before 5th March) -

(site not checked yet - keep checking it)

Date for future: The 2000 Round Rotherham will be on the second Saturday in December - Saturday 9th December 2000 (unless we try to avoid a relay clash).

Technical: The maps were drawn using Lotus Freelance.

The results will be processed using Lotus 123 using look up tables for the split times and to access the start list and finish times (read from Excel).

Pictures will be processed using an HP scanner, Adobe PhotoPlus and Freelance

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