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Club Officials, etc.
Jim Brogan., Chairman
Road and Track coach
Gillian Bunker, RHAC Treasurer
Sharon Burton, Trail Running Secretary, Social Committee
Peter Neal, Road Secretary
Alison Booth, Kiosk
Elaine Burke, (U11 coach)
Sprinting coach
Pete Humphries, Newsletter editor, peterh@NOTthedoc.fsnet.co.uk
Gayle Lebond, Assistant coach
Dennis Russell, endurance coach
 Athletes (loose term...)
Craig Birch
Alan Bryden
Marvin Burke, (junior)
Anita Cavell
Drew Donaldson
Steve Gaines
Jim Gallacher
Paul Haynes
Janet Hindley
Glenn James
Claire Lebond (junior)
Rob J McCarthy
ex Rotherham, now living in Manchester - updated entry
Sharon Merrils
Pat Muller
Brian Parkes
Amy Ruddlestone
Mark Ruddleston
Phil Smales
Darrell Wright
Ivan Pratt
Important contacts
Don Gill, R'ham Advertiser contact: don.gill@NOTbtopenworld.com
Last and by all means least
Henry Marston
Trail Section Web page


*Disclaimer: Inclusion in this list does not imply membership of RHAC

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