Results of Rowbotham's Round Rotherham

Saturday 7th October, 2023

Graphical Splits Displays

More sophisticated methods of analysing split times, using WinSplits and SplitsBrowser:


Not currently available

Split times in WinSplits Online (Table)

Click link for Split times (via WinSplits Online)

Select Solo or Relay, click on 'Round Rotherham 2023, Rotherham Harriers [09/10/2021]' to swap to the other


WinSplits is commercial software that helps analysis of split times from events

For each runner, position, name, club, finish time, time behind the winner and times and positions at each checkpoint are shown. There are two time rows. The upper row contains the split times, i.e. times between two subsequent checkpoints, and the lower row contains the total times, i e accumulated times from the start to a certain checkpoint. The positions are displayed within parentheses, on the upper row the ranking for the stage and on the second row the current race position.  The appearance of the split time list can be altered by changing the settings at the bottom of the page. Read more about this (and other) topics in the WinSplits Help pages.

In this table, runners are listed in finish order.  For each stage, the fastest time is shown as red type on a light background, with the second and third in blue type.  The default 'error' criterion is set to 20%, which is relative to overall time adjusted for the stage. I suggest changing the error criterion to 0.05 or 5%, at the bottom of the table and click OK on the right. Times in black with a rose background reflect a relatively slow time, relative to speed on other stages. 

With the rolling start time this year, it can be interesting to select 'real times' at the bottom of the table and click OK on the right


Colours are used to make certain information in the table appear more distinctly.

red text colour Red text colour indicates best split time and total time, respectively.
blue text colour Blue text colour indicates that the split time or total time is among the three best.
grey, italic text colour Interpolated times (times were interpolated before uploading, so this was not used)
pink background colour Pink background colour means that time was lost on this stage, time taken was 25% longer than expected (taking overall time into account). See WinSplits Help for more information. 
light yellow background colour The light yellow hue of the background of the upper time row for each runner indicates that the times are split times.
darker yellow back colour The somewhat darker yellow hue of the background of the lower of the time rows for each runner indicates that the times are total times (or real times if that setting is active).

WinSplirs usually has split times for retirees up to the retirement point, but not at the moment....

The table is based on published results (but please let  know if you find any errors)

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