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Entries are sorted alphabetically by surname for each start time (sequence on list at registration).  Location is given in case you want to try to make joint travel arrangements.  If you want to be put in contact with someone on the list, contact  me  to mediate an e-mail introduction (if we have the e-mail address).   Entries are (normally) sorted alphabetically by surname for each start time (sequence on list at registration).

Note: race numbers will be issued on the day.

This list is to be read in conjunction with the original SIentries list.  The list below, updated infrequently,  has, in addition, the number of completions, and your name as used in the archive. .

This list will be used for the results stored in the archive, which will be compiled as soon as possible after the event. The Entry Number may be different from that in other lists. A number of people appear twice (or more) on the start list. If you name does appear twice, different duplicate entries may have been removed by different processors of the lists.  

The number of completions in the list is based on our records; I think some people have put the number of starts rather than the number of finishes.  Please contact me, Henry Marston, with any queries about the list below, e.g. if you think the number of completions is wrong, or if I have mistaken you for someone else of the same or similar name.   For dopplegangers, an identifying abbreviated tag, in brackets, is added after the archive name.  This tag remains permanently in the archive.list   They are usually generated from the town given in the address.

Certain names will be corrected later - e.g. where there is a capital letter in the middle, as in McKnight.  Town and County are as entered by the participant, e.g. Sheffield may be put as the Town or County

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10 at 4am - 38 at 6 am - 31 at 7am 

Start Entry Name Archive Name m/f Club Name Finishes Town
4:00 Michael Abbott Michael Abbott M Ldwa - The Irregulars 4 Leeds
4:00 Jean Bobker Jean Bobker F   1 Bury
4:00 John Cunnane John Cunnane M Pontyclun Road Runners 19 Pontypridd
4:00 John Ellis-Mourant John Ellis-Mourant M   0 Barnsley
4:00 Liz George Liz George F   0 Doncaster
4:00 Chris Hopkinson Chris Hopkinson M   8 Vale
4:00 Stephen Ismay Stephen Ismay M   0 Olney
4:00 Robert Locock Robert Locock M   0 Lichfield
4:00 Louise Richards Louise Richards F   0 Doncaster
4:00 Christine Stratton Christine Stratton F LDWA - Irregulars 1 Selby
6:00 Jayne Abdy Jayne Abdy F   0 Sheffield
6:00 Sara Bladen Sara Bladen F   0 Walsall
6:00 Alan Bolton Alan Bolton M Rotherham Harriers 5 Rotherham
6:00 Kevin Brocklehurst Kevin Brocklehurst M   0 Long Eaton
6:00 Karen Calladine Karen Calladine F Fetch Everyone 0 Mansfield
6:00 Jay Daniels Jay Daniels F   0 Sheffield
6:00 Kerry Dickinson Kerry Dickinson F Worksop Harriers 0 Worksop
6:00 David Egan David Egan M Totley Ac 12 Sheffield
6:00 Matthew Firth Matthew Firth M   0 Doncaster
6:00 Jim Fulton Jim Fulton M FRA 18 Sheffield
6:00 Sandy Gee Sandy Gee M Stainland Lions Running Club 3 Stainland
6:00 Andrew Gilbertson Andrew Gilbertson M   8 Daventry
6:00 Jayne Glynn Jayne Glynn F   6 Dronfield
6:00 John Goodson John Goodson M Barton And District 0 Barton On Humber
6:00 Richard Hook Richard Hook M Holmfirth Harriers Ac 2 Holmfirth
6:00 David Karley David Karley M   0 East Finchley
6:00 Will Law Will Law M   0 Wingerworth
6:00 Stuart McCluskie Stuart Mccluskie M Worksop Harriers 0 Worksop
6:00 Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan F Worksop Harriers 0 Worksop
6:00 Mike Newbitt Mike Newbitt M Fairlands Valley Spartans 8 Stevenage
6:00 David Oxley David Oxley M 100 Marathon Club 17 Horncastle
6:00 Jane Parry Jane Parry M   2 Keighley
6:00 Chris Pattison Chris Pattison M Derbyshire Dynamos 2 Chesterfield
6:00 Luke Pella Luke Pella M   0 Kirkby-In-Ashfield
6:00 Hugh Pinder Hugh Pinder M Louth Ac 0 Burgh On Bain
6:00 Kathryn Pinder Kathryn Pinder F Louth Ac 0 Burgh On Bain
6:00 Sally Roberts Sally Roberts F   0 Worksop
6:00 Steven Roberts Steven Roberts M   0 Worksop
6:00 Kev Roden Kev Roden M   3 Pontefract
6:00 Linda Ross Linda Ross F Maltby Running Club 1 Rotherham
6:00 Kieron Smithson Kieron Smithson M   0 Manchester
6:00 Quentin Somerset Quentin Somerset M   1 Berkeley
6:00 Jeff Stevens Jeff Stevens M Ldwa 5 Pontefract
6:00 Gary Upstone Gary Upstone M 100 Marathon Club 3 Bicester
6:00 Julian Waller Julian Waller M Darlington H & Ac 0 Darlington
6:00 Stephanie Watts Stephanie Watts F Dark Peak Fell Runners 0 Chapel-En-Le-Frith
6:00 Andrew West Andrew West M LDWA - Anytime/where 29 Doncaster
6:00 Armorel Young Armorel Young F   3 Nottingham
7:00 Jack Bloor Jack Bloor M   0 Derby
7:00 Nigel Bowler Nigel Bowler M Gainsborough & Morton Striders 1 Gainsborough
7:00 Shaun Chadwick Shaun Chadwick M Worksop Harriers 1 S81 7Pu
7:00 Charles Colbourn Charles Colbourn M Todmorden Harriers 0 Hebden Bridge
7:00 Andrew Deniszczyc Andrew Deniszczyc M   0 London
7:00 Cat Eddison Cat Eddison F Rotherham Harriers And Ac 0 Rotherham
7:00 Bryn Evans Bryn Evans M   1 Eccles
7:00 Rob Ferrol Rob Ferrol M Maltby Running Club 0 Worksop
7:00 Tom Forshaw Tom Forshaw M   0 Putney
7:00 Richard Gordon Richard Gordon M   0 Waltham
7:00 Kim Gray Kim Gray F North Derbyshire Rc 0 Chesterfield
7:00 Paul Hudson Paul Hudson M South Derbyshire Road Runners 1 Swadlincote
7:00 Jason Jones Jason Jones M Congleton Harriers 0 Sandbach
7:00 Neil Jones Neil Jones M Stadium Runners 3 Leeds
7:00 Colin Jordan Colin Jordan M   0 Sheffield
7:00 Robert Lovegrove Robert Lovegrove M Badgers 4 Atherstone
7:00 Sean McCartney Sean McCartney M 100 Marathon Club 8 Derby
7:00 Gillian Neal Gillian Neal F Rotherham Harriers And Ac 0 Rotherham
7:00 Ian Patheyjohns Ian Patheyjohns M Shelton Striders 1 Derby
7:00 Chris Peach Chris Peach M Roadhoggs Leicester Ac 4 Lutterworth
7:00 Andrew Pickard Andrew Pickard M Peel Road Runners 0 Tamworth
7:00 Martin Picker Martin Picker M Ripley Running Club 1 Alfreton
7:00 Chris Ramsay Chris Ramsay M Caistor Running Club 0 Searby
7:00 Lisa Robinson Lisa Robinson F Redhill Road Runners 0 Nottingham
7:00 Claire Spencer Claire Spencer F Sheffield Rc 3 Rotherham
7:00 Craige Spencer Craige Spencer M Sheffield Rc 1 Rotherham
7:00 Ian Spriggs Ian Spriggs M   0 Brampton
7:00 Ken Sutor Ken Sutor M Cheshire Hash House Harriers 4 Knutsford
7:00 Roger Taylor Roger Taylor M Mercia Fell Runners 8 Stone
7:00 Martin Terry Martin Terry M Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers 3 Colne
7:00 John Winfieldale John Winfieldale M   0 Burton-On-Trent

Note: this is a preliminary list, not fully verified.  It will be checked!

Already, more entries have been received. 

If you have any queries/about the Archive and related enquiries: Henry Marston

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 Note: any people who advise us that they will not be able to take part remain on this list to be archived as dsn's

The Club name may differ from this year's entry; if no club was given this year, the previous club name is retained for the archive to help separate duplicate names

Relay Teams

Relay teams (0 to date are listed on the RHAC website - to be updated)

Gender was not specified on the entry form, but needs to be specified for Mixed teams in particular to check validity. For Mixed teams, female distance run is based on stated names.  It was assumed all members of Female teams are ladies.

Validity of teams indicated as Mixed? to be verified
Mixed team : 4 or more stages run by ladies.  Concession: 2 or 3 stages can be run by ladies provided that at least one third of the distance, i.e. total distance of at least 27 km to be run by ladies. 

Note: RELAY race numbers will be issued in advance (for circulation to team members) or by arrangement can be issued on the day (especially for teams of two)

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