Round Rotherham  7 Oct 2023

Start List as of 12 Oct 2023

250 individual entries

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Entries are sorted alphabetically by surname for each start time . Location is given in case you want to try to make joint travel arrangements. If you want to be put in contact with someone on the list, contact me to mediate an e-mail introduction (if we have the e-mail address).

This list is to be read in conjunction with the SIentries entries list,  The list below, updated infrequently, has, in addition, the number of completions, and your name as used in the archive.

This list will be used for the results stored in the archive, which will be compiled as soon as possible after the event.

The number of completions in the list is based on our records; I think some people have put the number of starts rather than the number of finishes. Please contact me, Henry Marston, with any queries about the list below, e.g. if you think the number of completions is wrong, or if I have mistaken you for someone else of the same or similar name. For dopplegangers, an identifying abbreviated tag, in brackets, is added after the archive name. This tag remains permanently in the archive.list They are usually generated from the town given in the address.

Certain names will be corrected later - e.g. where there is a capital letter in the middle, as in McKnight. Town and County are as entered by the participant, e.g. Sheffield may be put as the Town or County

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In order of start time, then surname

Race numbers will be allocated at Registration

Start Entry Name Archive Name m/f Club Name Finishes Town Sleep
03:45 Paul Beasley Paul Beasley M Sutton In Ashfield Harriers & Ac 8 Nottingham
03:45 Mike Burrows Mike Burrows M LDWA 0 Winchester
03:45 Paul Clarke Paul Clarke M LDWA 2 Mansfield
03:45 Diane Day Diane Day F   0 Mansfield
03:45 Dawn Farran Dawn Farran F   0 Nottingham
03:45 Dawn Jones Dawn Jones F LDWA 0 Herne Bay Motorhome
03:45 Lesley Killey Lesley Killey F LDWA 0 Sutton In Ashfield
03:45 Amie Ledger Amie Ledger F Barnsley Harriers 0 Barnsley
03:45 John Mcnamara John Mcnamara M   0 Wigan
03:45 Don Newman Don Newman M Trail Running Association 0 Guildford
03:45 Kae Nightingale Kae Nightingale F 0 Congleton Tent
03:45 Elizabeth Rayner Elizabeth Rayner F   0 Aylsham
03:45 Richard Spooner Richard Spooner M Barnsley Harriers 0 Barnsley
03:45 Angela Walton Angela Walton F   2 Llanymynech
03:45 Tony Walton Tony Walton M   2 Llanymynech
03:50 Terry Brunton Terry Brunton M   0 Stockton On Tees
03:50 Joseph Evans Joseph Evans M   0 Wrexham
03:50 Lee Holman Lee Holman M LDWA 0 Wrexham Car
03:50 Timothy Laycock Timothy Laycock M LDWA 1 Lincoln Car
04:00 Darren Frankland Darren Frankland M   0 Newton Aycliffe Car
04:00 Michelle Hutchison Michelle Hutchison F Manvers Water Front Running Club 0 Scawthorpe Car
04:00 Vikki Kemp Vikki Kemp F LDWA 1 Wellingborough
04:00 Joseph Meredith Joseph Meredith M   0 Liverpool Motorhome
04:00 Nicola Ward Nicola Ward F Finedon Gladstone 0 Nr Wellingborough.North
04:00 Paul Williams Paul Williams M   8 Rotherham
04:05 Paul Barlow Paul Barlow M LDWA Vermuyden 1 Worksop
04:05 Darren Seed Darren Seed M LDWA 1 Sheffield
04:05 Roy Turner Roy Turner M Ldwa Vermuyden. 6 Huddersfield
04:05 Andrea Young Andrea Young F   0 Middlesbrough
04:10 Jayne Abdy Jayne Abdy F 3 Sheffield
04:10 Richard Abdy Richard Abdy M   1 Sheffield
04:10 Katherine Anthony Katherine Anthony F   0 Boosbeck Motorhome
04:10 Jim Catchpole Jim Catchpole M LDWA Essex Herts 3 Sandown
04:10 Grahame Fry Grahame Fry M FRA 0 Market Rasen Car
04:10 Debbie Green Debbie Green F LDWA 0 Ventnor
04:10 Emma Harris Emma Harris F   0 Bedale Car
04:10 Stuart Hayes Stuart Hayes M LDWA 2 Sheffield
04:10 Stephen Ismay Stephen Ismay M 0 Olney Car
04:10 Jesse Palmer Jess Palmer M   1 Keighley Car
04:10 David Redpath David Redpath M   0 Ferryhill Car
04:10 Lucy Robins Lucy Robins F LDWA 0 Swindon Car
04:10 Dawn Steele Dawn Steele F 0 Ingleby Barwick
04:10 Christine Stratton Christine Stratton F LDWA - Irregulars 2 Brough
04:10 John Walker John Walker (Wilts) M LDWA 0 Pewsey Car
05:25 Lainy Baird Lainy Baird F   0 Sheffield
05:25 Rachel Cadey Rachel Cadey F Killamarsh Kestrels 1 Sheffield Car
05:25 David Devine David Devine M Rother Valley Swallows 11 Sheffield
05:25 Kerry Dickinson Kerry Dickinson F Worksop Harriers 2 Worksop
05:25 Sheena Easton Sheena Easton F   0 Conisbrough
05:25 Dean Feetham Dean Feetham M   0 Sheffield
05:25 Gavin Hague Gavin Hague M   0 Thorpe Salvin
05:25 Colette Harrison-Melrose Colette Harrison-Melrose F   0 Sheffield
05:25 Daniel Johnson Daniel Johnson M   0 Rotherham
05:25 Andy Mcgivern Andy Mcgivern M Pensby Runners 0 Wirral Motorhome
05:25 Fiona Mcgivern Fiona Mcgivern F Pensby Runners 0 Wirral Motorhome
05:25 Cathrine Mhembere Cathrine Mhembere F Worksop Harriers 0 Worksop
05:25 Rory Stephen Rory Stephen M LDWA 1 Yarm Car
05:25 Fiona Storey Fiona Storey F   0 Sheffield
05:25 Pete Taylor Pete Taylor M Valley Hill Runners 7 Rotherham
05:25 Simon West Simon West M LDWA 0 Middlesbrough
05:30 Chris Adams Chris Adams M   0 Rotherham
05:30 Wayne Clark Wayne Clark M   0 Doncaster
05:30 Joe Clements Joe Clements M   0 Dronfield
05:30 Jayne Glynn Jayne Glynn F   9 Dronfield
05:30 Andrew Hargreaves Andrew Hargreaves M   0 Doncaster
05:30 Martyn Hollingworth Martyn Hollingworth M 4 Lairg
05:30 Jane Parry Jane Parry F LDWA 4 Earby Car
05:30 Michael Robinson Michael Robinson M LDWA 4 Oldham
05:30 John Spencer John Morgan Spencer M Dark Peak Fell Runners 1 Doncaster
05:30 Adam Taylor Adam Taylor M Team Manvers 2 Rotherham Motorhome
05:30 John Walker John Walker (Ntm) M   0 Langwith
05:30 Andy Weston Andy Weston M AFC's 5 St. Albans
05:30 Carl Woollins Carl Woollins M   0 North Kelsey
05:35 Joanne Armfield Joanne Armfield F LDWA 0 Riccall Car
05:35 Brian McGeachie Brian McGeachie M   0 Rotherham
05:35 Gavin Stacey Gavin Stacey M   0 Rotherham
05:35 John Wilden John Wilden M LDWA 0 Riccall Car
05:40 Peter Owen Peter Owen M   0 Warrington Tent
05:40 Nick Reed Nick Reed M   2 Glossop Motorhome
05:45 Jill Bridges Jill Bridges F East Durham Running Club 0 Easington Colliery
05:45 James Campbell James Campbell M Coalfields Triathlon Club 0 Hartlepool Car
05:45 Sue Cunningham Sue Cunningham F LDWA 3 Sheffield
05:45 Jim Fulton Jim Fulton M FRA 20 Sheffield Motorhome
05:45 Ian Hodge Ian Hodge M Vegan Runners UK 3 Liversage Tent
05:45 Andrew Killick Andrew Killick M   7 Sheffield
05:45 Gemma Kirton Gemma Kirton F   0 S662He
05:45 James Kirton James Kirton M Sheffield Triathlon 0 S662He
05:45 Martin Payne Martin Payne M Lancashire Walking Club 13 Sheffield
05:50 Julian Bamford Julian Bamford M Norwich RR 1 Norwich Car
05:50 Lauren Beasley Lauren Beasley F Rotherham Running Club 0 Rotherham
05:50 Vicki Beckitt Vicki Beckitt F Rotherham Running Club 3 Mexborough
05:50 Mark Crawshaw Mark Crawshaw M   0 Sheffield
05:50 Stuart Frith Stuart Frith M Rotherham Running Club 0 Rotherham
05:50 Sandy Gee Sandy Gee M Stainland Lions Running Club 6 Stainland
05:50 Richard Millns Richard Millns M Rotherham Running Club 2 Rotherham
05:50 Richard Senior Richard Senior M   0 Sheffield Car
05:50 Louise Taylor Louise Taylor F Rotherham Running Club 0 Rotherham
05:50 Andrew West Andrew West M LDWA - Anytime/where 32 Doncaster Car
05:50 Angela Wright Angela Wright F Rotherham Running Club 0 Doncaster
05:55 Kerry Booth Kerry Booth M Rotherham Harriers And Ac 31 Sheffield
05:55 Philip Elliot Philip Elliot M Totley AC 15 Chesterfield
05:55 Imtiaz Ilahi Imtiaz Ilahi M 1 Solihull
05:55 Judith Kippax Judith Kippax F Valley Hill Runners 1 Barnsley Motorhome
05:55 Ian Kittle Ian Kittle M   6 Rugby
05:55 Martin Knight Martin Knight M Maltby Running Club 0 Todwick
05:55 Rebecca Marsden Rebecca Marsden F Rotherham H & AC 0 Rotherham Car
05:55 Tony Redfern Tony Redfern M Maltby Running Club 2 Sheffield
06:00 Tilly Aird Natalie Aird F 1 Ravenscar No
06:00 Pam Baird Pam Baird F The Irregulars LDWA 13 Harrogate
06:00 Kieron Cawkwell Kieron Cawkwell M Kimberworth Striders 0 Rotherham
06:00 Lauren Corcoran Lauren Corcoran F Kimberworth Striders 1 Worksop
06:00 Jonathan Gratton Jonathan Gratton M Kingstone Runners Barnsley 0 Ossett
06:00 Andrew Hedison Andrew Hedison M Kimberworth Striders 1 Rotherham
06:00 Suzanne Leusby Suzanne Leusby F Clowne Road Runners Club 1 Chesterfield
06:00 Judith Mallon Judith Mallon F Valley Hill Runners 6 Barnsley
06:00 Roz Massey Roz Massey F Totley AC 0 Sheffield
06:00 Tina Pass Tina Pass F Valley Hill Runners 0 Sheffield
06:00 Kate Simpson Kate Simpson F Sutton In Ashfield Harriers & Ac 2 Pinxton Motorhome
06:00 Kathryn Smith Kathryn Smith F 1 Eastoft
06:00 Nick Stubley Nick Stubley M One more mile 8 Doncaster
06:00 David Thompson Dave Thompson M Quakers Rc 7 Stockton No
06:00 Judith Webb Judith Webb F 100 Marathon Club 12 Sheffield
06:00 Helen Worsfold Helen Worsfold F Clowne Road Runners 2 Sheffield
06:05 Andrew Boulden Andrew Boulden M LDWA 0 St Albans Car
06:05 Jackie Bourne Jackie Bourne F Brackla Harriers 0 Penybryn Road
06:05 Matt Bourne Matt Bourne M Brackla Harriers 0 Brynmenyn
06:05 Simon Broughton Simon Broughton M LDWA - E. Yorks 3 Hull
06:05 Nigel Coates Nigel Coates (GtA) M LDWA - Cleveland 12 Middlesbrough
06:05 Dawn Comerie Dawn Comerie F Ldwa 1 Scarborough
06:05 Janet Hill Janet Hill F Ludlow Runners 3 Wentnor Tent
06:05 Jason Littlewood Jason Littlewood M Keighley & Craven AC 1 Keighley Car
06:05 Tony Sanderson Tony Sanderson M   0 Rotherham
06:05 Dave Stannard Dave Stannard M Sheffield Triathlon Club 3 Sheffield
06:05 Richard Townsend Richard Townsend M Saltwell Harr. 3 Durham Tent
06:05 Richard Vaughan Richard Vaughan M LDWA 2 Buxton
06:05 Michael White Michael White M Selby Striders 4 Selby.
06:05 James Wilson James Wilson M 100 Marathon Club 0 Newark
06:10 Vicki Howe Vicki Howe F LDWA 2 Northallerton
06:15 Gary Binns Gary Binns M   0 S35 7As
06:15 Richard Cranswick Richard Cranswick M   0 Lee On Solent
06:15 Fred Hamond Fred Hamond M Lagan Valley AC 0 Belfast
06:15 David Oxley David Oxley M 100 Marathon Club 20 Horncastle
06:15 Laura Todd Laura Todd F Unattached 0 Trimdon Car
06:15 Noel Urwin Noel Urwin M Free Runner 0 Stocksfield Car
06:20 Kev Ashley Kev Ashley M   0 Rotherham Motorhome
06:20 Robert Bishop Robert Bishop M   0 Chesterfield Tent
06:20 John Burgin John Burgin M   0 Bourne
06:20 James Dickinson James Dickinson M   0 Doncaster
06:20 Kerry Friskney Kerry Friskney F Rawmarsh Runners 0 Rotherham
06:20 Richard Izdebski Richard Izdebski M Swaledale Runners 1 Richmond
06:20 Janine Paul Janine Paul F   0 Rotherham
06:20 James Simpson James Simpson M Sutton And Ashfield Harriers 3 Pinxton Motorhome
06:20 John Slater John Slater M Rotherham Running Club 0 Sheffield
06:20 Shaun Teal Shaun Teal M   0 Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherh
06:20 Duncan Worth Duncan Worth M Swinton RC 1 Manchester
06:25 Avril Mackay Avril Mackay F East Durham Running Club 0 Hartlepool Tent
06:30 Neil Batty Neil Batty M Valley Hill Runners 0 Sheffield
06:30 Dave Blewett Dave Blewett M   0 Sheffield
06:30 Jonathan Briggs Jonathan Briggs M Valley Hill Runners 1 Sheffield Car
06:30 Julian Brown Julian Brown M Macclesfield Harriers 19 Leek Motorhome
06:30 Ricky Brown Ricky Brown M Team Manvers 0 Conisbrough Car
06:30 Peter Carter Peter Carter M FRA 0 Preston
06:30 Maxine Gregory Maxine Gregory F Valley Hill Runners 1 Sheffield Car
06:30 Richard Hind Richard Hind M Worksop Harriers 3 Worksop
06:30 Chris Lane Chris Lane M Clowne Road Runners Club 0 Chesterfield Car
06:30 James Larmour James Larmour M   0 Crewe
06:30 David Mcnamara David Mcnamara M Morley Running Club 1 East Ardsley
06:30 John Power John Power M Valley Hill Runners 3 Thorpe Hesley
06:30 Charlotte Smith Charlotte Smith F Serpentine Rc 2 London Car
06:30 Tim Vernon Tim Vernon M   1 Sheffield Car
06:30 Bill Watson Bill Watson M Stonehaven Running Club 11 Stonehaven
06:30 Ian Willoughby Ian Willoughby M Valley Hill Runners 0 Sheffield
06:35 Kirsten Alexander Kirsten Alexander F   1 Chicksands, Shefford Car
06:35 Janice Barker Janice Barker F LDWA 0 Heywood
06:35 Sabeersha Basheerkutty Sabeersha Basheerkutty M LDWA 1 Billingham
06:35 Mark Dalton Mark Dalton M Team Hardmoors 4 Ripon Car
06:35 Simon Gregory Simon Gregory M Handsworth Roadhogs 7 Sheffield
06:35 Stephen Hall Stephen Hall M Skipton AC 8 Skipton
06:35 Andrew Page Andrew Page M Clowne Road Runners Club 0 Chesterfield
06:35 Andrew Roscamp Andrew Roscamp M Handsworth Roadhogs 5 Sheffield
06:35 Stephen Rowbotham Stephen Rowbotham M Real Fitness Race Team 0 Rotherham
06:35 Kevin Saville Kevin Saville M Dark Peak FR 7 Sheffield Motorhome
06:35 David Toth David Toth M   0 Witton Gilbert Motorhome
06:40 Nigel Aston Nigel Aston M 100 Marathon Club 5 Leicester
06:40 Andrew Deniszczyc Andrew Deniszczyc M 0 London
06:40 James Higginson James Higginson M Bad Boy Running Club 0 Radcliffe
06:45 Claire Angus Claire Angus F Doncaster Athletic Club 0 Doncaster
06:45 Kelly Ford Kelly Ford F Barnsley Harriers 0 Barnsley
06:45 Sharon Gayter Sharon Gayter F North York Moors Ac 10 Guisborough Motorhome
06:45 Clare Glazebrook Clare Glazebrook F North Derbyshire RC 0 Chesterfield
06:45 Steven Jeff Steven Jeff M   0 Sheffield
06:45 Steven Jones Steven Jones M Dark Peak Fell Runners 4 Leicester Tent
06:45 David Lloyd David Lloyd M Kingstone Runners Barnsley 0 Barnsley
06:45 John McGinley John McGinley M   0 Sheffield
06:45 Martin Picker Martin Picker M Ripley Running Club 2 Alfreton
06:45 Laurence Piercy Laurence Piercy M Dark Peak Fell Runners 0 Sheffield
06:45 Mark Plant Mark Plant M Rotherham Harriers and AC 1 Sheffield
06:50 Sarah Challans Sarah Challans F Lincoln & District Runners 3 Lincoln
06:50 Mick Cochrane Mick Cochrane M Dark Peak Fell Runners 20 Sheffield
06:50 Ian Doran Ian Doran M   1 Liverpool Car
06:50 Sasha Gallagher Sasha Gallagher F Rotherham Harriers And Ac 1 Rotherham
06:50 Michelle Harle Michelle Harle F Rotherham H & AC 2 Braithwell
06:50 Nils Hofmann Nils Hofmann M Rotherham Harriers and AC 6 Rotherham
06:50 Mike Jones Mike Jones (Brf) M   2 East Drayton
06:50 George Leivers George Leivers M   0 Waverley
06:50 Steve Lilley Steve Lilley M Rotherham Harriers and AC 0 Rotherham
06:50 Robert Lovegrove Robert Lovegrove M Trail Running Association 4 Atherstone
06:50 James McDonald James McDonald M   0 Retford Car
06:50 James McHugh James McHugh M Lwda 7 Birkenhead
06:50 Steve McHugh Steve McHugh M Paul.lavelle foundation 2 Wirral
06:50 Karl Williams Karl Williams M Trail Running Association 10 Longridge
06:55 Mark Baines Mark Baines M GLOATURS 1 Scunthorpe Tent
06:55 Boyd Brad Boyd Brad M Pickering Running Club 0 York
06:55 Justin Bramall Justin Bramall M Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers 1 Hartlepool
06:55 Phil Brown Phil Brown M Holmfirth Harriers AC 0 Huddersfield
06:55 Lee Carratt Lee Carratt M Rotherham Harriers and AC 11 Rotherham
06:55 Mark Fielding Mark Fielding M Retford AC 0 Retford
06:55 Jocelyn Granger Jocelyn Granger F Staffs Moorlands AC 0 Buxton
06:55 Colin Jordan Colin Jordan M 2 Sheffield
06:55 Bill McDonnell Bill McDonnell M Pensby Runners 7 Moreton
06:55 Andrew Mount Andrew Mount M   0 Rotherham
06:55 Chris Peach Chris Peach M Roadhoggs Leicester Ac 5 Market Harborough
06:55 Liz Pharoah Liz Pharoah F Northbrook Athletic Club 0 Coventry Car
06:55 Hannah Smith Hannah Smith F Caistor Running Club 0 Grimsby Car
06:55 Andrew Waddington Andrew Waddington M Vegan Runners UK 0 Fareham
06:55 Mike Wells Mike Wells M Caistor Running Club 2 Market Rasen Motorhome
07:00 Heather Brookes Heather Brookes F   0 Rotherham
07:00 Bill Crowther Bill Crowther M Barracuda Triathlon Club 4 Cottingham
07:00 Stephen Davies Stephen Davies M   5 Doncaster
07:00 Graham Dodd Graham Dodd M Rotherham Running Community RRC 2 Sheffield
07:00 Daniel Grant Daniel Grant M Valley Striders AC 0 Leeds
07:00 Daniel Jenkins Daniel Jenkins M Eccleshill Road Runners 2 Leeds
07:00 Alicea Ledger Alicea Ledger F Rotherham Running Club 0 Sheffield
07:00 Andrew Pickard Andrew Pickard M Sheffield RC 1 Sheffield
07:00 Mark Robbins Mark Robbins M   0 Scunthorpe
07:00 Russell Sibley Russell Sibley M   1 Scunthorpe
07:00 Craige Spencer Craige Spencer M Kimberworth Striders 2 Rotherham
07:00 Stephen Vaughan Stephen Vaughan M LDWA 1 Tingley
07:00 Neil White Neil White M Rotherham Running Club 3 Sheffield
07:00 Phil Whitham Phil Whitham M   0 Preston Motorhome
07:05 Ben Clithero Ben Clithero M Dronfield Running Club 1 Dronfield
07:10 Luke Davis Luke Davis M Maltby Running Club 3 Rotherham
07:10 Lawrence Eccles Lawrence Eccles M Penny Lane Striders 0 Liverpool
07:10 Anthony Gerundini Anthony Gerundini M Lincoln Tri 7 Lincoln
07:10 Rory Harris Rory Harris M 3 Stockport Car
07:10 Kevin Hoult Kevin Hoult M Calder Valley Fell Runners 11 Huddersfield
07:10 Martin Terry Martin Terry M Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers 4 Colne
07:10 Jared Walbridge Jared Walbridge M Cambridge Triathlon Club 1 Harston
07:10 Lisa Joanne Walbridge Lisa Joanne Walbridge F 100 Marathon Club 1 Harston
07:10 Adam Worrallo Adam Worrallo M Bingley Harriers & AC 6 Harden

Note: this is a preliminary list, not fully verified. It will be checked!

Please check Club name on SI Entries, which is used for the team competition. No club, no team, no prize!
(This list has the club name used in the archive; to help resolve duplicates, the last club recorded is presented|)
For LDWA, teams are based on groups (e.g.) LDWA - Variety. LDWA as a whole does not count in the team competition

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Relay Teams

Relay teams (25 to date as listed on SIentries), awaiting allocated Race Numbers

RaceNo RefNo Team Name Club Name Members o/m/f
18 1 TRAC Tickhill Running & AC 8 Mixed
4 2 WH Young Guns Worksop Harriers 8 Open
1 3 WH Bassetlaw Babes Worksop Harriers 8 Female
3 4 WH Green Gang Worksop Harriers 7 Mixed
2 5 WH Golden Boys Worksop Harriers 8 Open
11 6 Kestrels Originals Killamarsh Kestrels 8 Mixed
12 7 Kestrels Chargers Killamarsh Kestrels 8 Mixed
13 8 Kestrels Cruisers Killamarsh Kestrels 8 Mixed
5 9 Rawmarsh Team A Rawmarsh Runners 8 Mixed
6 10 Rawmarsh Team B Rawmarsh Runners 8 Mixed
17 11 VH chips and cake club Valley Hill Runners 8 Mixed
26 12 Kimmy Kreakers Kimberworth Striders 2 Mixed
7 13 Maltby muddlers Maltby Running Club 8 Mixed
16 14 Valley Hill Buffaloes Valley Hill Runners 8 Mixed
15 15 Thunder Rotherham Running Club 8 Female
10 16 Lightning Ripley Running Club 7 Open
9 17 Harrier Hens Rotherham Harriers & AC 8 Female
8 18 Harrier Hawks Rotherham Harriers & AC 8 Mixed
25 19 Kimberworth Women Kimberworth Striders 8 Female
24 20 Kimberworth Men Kimberworth Striders 8 Open
11 21 Rother Valley Swallows Rother Valley Swallows 8 Mixed
20 22 Wildhogs Handsworth Roadhogs 7 Mixed
19 23 Hogwarts Handsworth Roadhogs 8 Mixed
21 24 Kimmy Kruisers Kimberworth Striders 2 Mixed
22 25 Doonhamers Dumfries Running Club 4 Open

Team constitution: please advise of any changes

Updated 12/10/2023

Race No 18 4 1 3 2
Team Name TRAC WH Young Guns WH Bassetlaw Babes WH Green Gang WH Golden Boys
Club Tickhill Running & AC Worksop Harriers Worksop Harriers Worksop Harriers Worksop Harriers
Members 8 8 8 7 8
Class Mixed Open Female Mixed Open
Stage1.  1. Chris Taylor (M) 1. James Morgan (M) 1. Rachel Silcock (F) 1. Matthew Daly (M) 1. Adam Turner (M)
Stage2.  2. Rachel Goddard (F) 2. David Firth (M) 2. Natalie Cunningham (F) 2. Dominic Fielding (M) 2. Chris Johnson (M)
Stage3.  3. David Gavens (M) 3. Chris Lawrence (M) 3. Julie Wragg (F) 3. Madeline Spencer (F) 3. Kerry Saville (M)
Stage4.  4. Lucy Gavens (F) 4. Roy Turner (M) 4. Pamela Brooks (F) 4. Charlotte Jones (F) 4. Adam Jonczyk (M)
Stage5.  5. David Owen (M) 5. Ethan Ellery (M) 5. Julie Holloway (F) 5. Matthew Chappell (M) 5. Chris Bliss (M)
Stage6.  6. Lynn Findlay (F) 6. Jeff Newton (M) 6. Sarah Morgan (F) 6. Charlotte Jones (F) 6. Dominic Ayton (M)
Stage7.  7. Kat Palmer (F) 7. Nick Moore (M) 7. Gemma Hind (F) 7. Thomas Shaw (M) 7. Tom Mclaren (M)
Stage8.  8. Claire Maw (F) 8. Joel Kerrigan (M) 8. Sharon James (F) 8. Henry Brady (M) 8. Thomas Shaw (M)
Female stages 5 0 8 3 0
Female Distance 44.2 0 80.7 27.4 0
Team validity Valid mixed team Open team Valid female team Valid mixed team Open team
Race No 14 12 13 5 6
Team Name Kestrels Originals Kestrels Chargers Kestrels Cruisers Rawmarsh Team A Rawmarsh Team B
Club Killamarsh Kestrels Killamarsh Kestrels Killamarsh Kestrels Rawmarsh Runners Rawmarsh Runners
Members 8 8 8 8 8
Class Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
Stage1.  1. Paul Unsworth (M) 1. James Hirchfield (M) 1. Andy Hammett-Ridsdale (M) 1. Nick Ibbotson (M) 1. Sam Billups (M)
Stage2.  2. Natalie Neville (F) 2. Scott Exton (F) 2. Tom Humphries (M) 2. Jason Butcher (M) 2. Sarah Edwards (F)
Stage3.  3. Chris Mallender (M) 3. Jess Perry (F) 3. Gemma Bailey (F) 3. Anne Telling (F) 3. Phil Morgan (M)
Stage4.  4. Chris Wade (M) 4. Gemma Pears (F) 4. Iain Robertson (M) 4. Sue Woodcock (F) 4. Diane Grindrod (F)
Stage5.  5. Becky Brown (F) 5. Jon Cushing (M) 5. Amy Cushing (F) 5. Julie Andrews (F) 5. Ruth Clarke (F)
Stage6.  6. Sam Wilson (F) 6. Abby Heffren (F) 6. Sara Hammett-Ridsdale (F) 6. Heather Jerrard (F) 6. Nicki Goodwin (F)
Stage7.  7. Chris Brown (M) 7. Harriet Buckley (F) 7. Tash Lindley (F) 7. Shauni Stead (F) 7. Jackie Casterton (F)
Stage8.  8. Alicia Parkes (F) 8. Richard Eyres (M) 8. Martin Shimwell (M) 8. Darren Harris (M) 8. Ben Brown (M)
Female stages 4 5 4 5 5
Female Distance 34.9 46.6 36.3 45.5 43.7
Team validity Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid mixed team
Race No 17 26 7 16 15
Team Name VH chips and cake club Kimmy Kreakers Maltby muddlers Valley Hill Buffaloes Thunder
Club Valley Hill Runners Kimberworth Striders Maltby Running Club Valley Hill Runners Rotherham Running Club
Members 8 2 8 8 8
Class Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed Female
Stage1.  1. Richard Bowles (M) 1. Lee Weatherall (M) 1. Gail Barber (F) 1. Jess Lishman (F) 1. Natalie Lowe (F)
Stage2.  2. Wendy Duggan (F) 2. Samantha Weatherall (F) 2. Patrick Hill (M) 2. Jayne Grayson (F) 2. Honor Hamshaw (F)
Stage3.  3. Gordon Fiander (M) 3. Lee Weatherall (M) 3. Ruth Burden (F) 3. Steve Sansom (M) 3. Laura Mann (F)
Stage4.  4. Pete Townsend (M) 4. Samantha Weatherall (F) 4. Caroline Boyd (F) 4. Rebecca Sanders (F) 4. Louise Saiddall (F)
Stage5.  5. Jenni Fiander (F) 5. Lee Weatherall (M) 5. Jo Mattheson (F) 5. Luke Evans (M) 5. Adelle Marsden (F)
Stage6.  6. Sally Anne (F) 6. Samantha Weatherall (F) 6. Keith Maddock (M) 6. Deb Duck (F) 6. Fiona Earl (F)
Stage7.  7. Michael Savage (M) 7. Lee Weatherall (M) 7. Sandra Davies (F) 7. Phil Harris (M) 7. Maria Toumazo (F)
Stage8.  8. Bernie Harding (F) 8. Samantha Weatherall (F) 8. Rosie Davies (F) 8. Gemma Randall (F) 8. Leanne Race (F)
Female stages 4 4 6 5 8
Female Distance 34.9 35.1 64.3 50.7 80.7
Team validity Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid female team
Race No 10 9 8 25 24
Team Name Lightning Harrier Hens Harrier Hawks Kimberworth Women Kimberworth Men
Club Rotherham Running Club Rotherham Harriers & Ac Rotherham Harriers & Ac Kimberworth Striders Kimberworth Striders
Members 7 8 8 8 8
Class Open Female Mixed Female Open
Stage1.  1. Neil Grocutt (M) 1. Catherine Eddison (F) 1. Angela Lally (F) 1. Rebecca Stocks (F) 1. Jonathan Griffin (M)
Stage2.  2. Paul Greenwood (M) 2. Kelly Ling (F) 2. Keith Storey (M) 2. Tina Medlock (F) 2. Chris Keeler (M)
Stage3.  3. Jessica Dodds (F) 3. Emma Dutton (F) 3. Andrew Rogers (M) 3. Amanda Wassell (F) 3. David Stocks (M)
Stage4.  4. Adelle Marsden (F) 4. Joanne Pickford (F) 4. Thomas Charles (M) 4. Fran Coughlan (F) 4. Liam Swift (M)
Stage5.  5. Aaron Greenwood (M) 5. Lisa Ryles (F) 5. Nancy Banks (F) 5. Nicola Smith (F) 5. Liam Rooney (M)
Stage6.  6. Robin Williamson (M) 6. Joanne Palmer (F) 6. Helen Hollingworth (F) 6. Natalie Kaye (F) 6. Michael Jell (M)
Stage7.  7. Karl Wooffindin (M) 7. Lindsay Whitaker (F) 7. Anne Homer (F) 7. Helen Colton (F) 7. Lee Rawson (M)
Stage8.  8. Paul Greenwood (M) 8. Janet Dutton (F) 8. Daniel Levers (M) 8. Tina Bell (F) 8. Kevin Doyle (M)
Female stages 2 8 4 8 0
Female Distance 21.1 80.7 40 80.7 0
Team validity Open team Valid female team Valid mixed team Valid female team Open team
Race No 11 20 19 21 22
Team Name Rother Valley Swallows Wildhogs Hogwarts Kimmy Kruisers Doonhamers
Club Rother Valley Swallows Handsworth Roadhogs Handsworth Roadhogs Kimberworth Striders Dumfries Running Club
Members 8 7 8 2 4
Class Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed Open
Stage1.  1. Richard Levine (M) 1. Andy Robinson (M) 1. Phil Eddison (M) 1. Joanne Rooney (F) 1. Michael Mckean (M)
Stage2.  2. Ian Coates (M) 2. Ben Fieldhouse (M) 2. Rebecca (F) 2. Patrick Rooney (M) 2. Paul Hart (M)
Stage3.  3. Claire Nield (F) 3. Cheryl Hague (F) 3. Louise Gill (F) 3. Joanne Rooney (F) 3. Les Hill (M)
Stage4.  4. Lynsey Murray (F) 4. Shaun Falkowski (M) 4. Chris H (M) 4. Patrick Rooney (M) 4. Paul Hart (M)
Stage5.  5. Tracy Burge (F) 5. Catherine Eddison (F) 5. Andy Lewis (M) 5. Joanne Rooney (F) 5. Les Hill (M)
Stage6.  6. Linda Breen (F) 6. Emma Cowley (F) 6. Tracey Kerry (F) 6. Patrick Rooney (M) 6. Sandy Shankland (M)
Stage7.  7. Ashley Barwick (M) 7. Ben Allen (M) 7. Shaun Falkowski (M) 7. Joanne Rooney (F) 7. Paul Hart (M)
Stage8.  8. Gill Freer (F) 8. Andy Robinson (M) 8. Ben Allen (M) 8. Patrick Rooney (M) 8. Michael Mckean (M)
Female stages 5 3 3 4 0
Female Distance 45.9 27.2 28.3 45.6 0
Team validity Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Valid mixed team Open team


Validity of teams indicated as Mixed? to be verified Mixed team : 4 or more stages run by ladies. Concession: 2 or 3 stages can be run by ladies provided that at least one third of the distance, i.e. total distance of at least 27 km to be run by ladies.

Note: RELAY race numbers will be issued in advance (for circulation to team members) or by arrangement can be issued on the day (especially for teams of two)

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