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Saturday, 10th December, 2005

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Full individual results, LeadersTeamRelay

Pictures have been added!  See later on this page.

Splits have been added, see links later

Apologies for the problems in producing certificates.  It was a problem of planning to use better quality card, which wouldn't feed through the printer.  I believe the following have had certificates:
Jez Bragg, Colin Travis, Julian Brown, Gary Woolgar, Colm McCoy, Harry Sloan, David Thornton, Les Hill, Sharon Gayter*, Kerry Booth, Glynn Morris*, Andrew Mason, Mark Wilson, Paul Hart, Bill Watson, Samuel Kilpatrick, Jeremy Bolam, Malcolm Coles*, Anne Wade, Vaughan Wade, Martin Dietrich*, Kevin Saville, Cath Worth, Kendra Ann White, Glyn Sawford, Gary Attewell, Garth Peterson, Peter Sarson, Philip Gwilliam, Roy Barnes*.  * indicates certificate printed but not collected.  Certificates will be printed for the other individual finishers and circulated with results IF a results envelope was submitted (either in advance or on the day). These will be A5 size, on good quality card; if you want the traditional A4 size, send an A4 SAE to the entries secretary (details with initial certificate).  Certificates not sent out will be brought to the event next year.

We also ran out of T-shirts and badges.  

If you missed out, please e-mail me,, to request a certificate (if you did not submit a results envelope) or T-shirt, stating size. For the certificate, I can e-mail an Acrobat .pdf ('tamper-proof') version that you can print yourself.  You will get it quickest this way.  You will still get the Official certificate eventually with the results. Good progress is being made, most info now being on the web. 

BADGES  If you are keen to have one, e-mail me and we will see what we can do.  If you have a badge and either you didn't finish or you are not too bothered, please e-mail me so that we can pass it on to a real deserving case. I know I have several badges from previous years, but don't have much I want to do with them, whereas many walkers are keen to sew them onto rucksacks, jackets etc.   Incentive: if you do return / pass on your badge, a 1 discount will be offered for next year's event. 

Records: Chris Parkes (1996) 6 h 17 min                     Sharon Gayter (1995) 7 h 44 min (50 mile course)

Leading Male

Congratulations to Jez on achieving the best time for many years

See Jez (larger file with pictures to download) and a graph showing the running speed of several participants.

1 Jez Bragg Trail Runners Assoc. M 06:33:56
2 Gary Woolgar Brighton and Hove City AC M 07:28:58
3 Les Hill Dumfries RC M 07:57:21

Individual Female

1 Sharon Gayter New Marske Harriers F 07:59:27
2 Anne Wade Trail Runners Assoc. F 09:27:30
3 Cath Worth N. York Moors AC F 09:39:40
= Kendra Ann White N. York Moors AC F 09:39:40

Full results (includes retirements)   Split times now posted with position at each stage, ranking on each stage, change of position.  This is a large file, and could take 2 min to download over a non-congested telephone connection.

Results in listings to be adjusted for real start times

Those of us who took part are grateful to the officials and helpers who made the event possible
Checkpoint officials: Ray Howarth and Jane; Celia and Keith Dutton, Davids Haywood and Booth; the extended Booth family; Hugh O'Mara; Ken Horan; Paul Stevenson and Steve Gaines;  Jim Sothern and Carolyns Boyd and Dauris; Mick Concannon
Sweeper: Pete Adams
Hot meal at halfway: Elaine Laurie and June Harney
Hot meal at finish: Pat and Ralph Rowbotham and Jenny Gent
Jim Brogan, for driving the computer an the day that produced the results, and Alan Bryden for much assistance, including typing in over 1000 times and corresponding numbers from the intermediate  checkpoints (as well as taking the postal entries). 
Brampton Leisure Centre staff

What the papers said: Rotherham Advertiser and Athletics Weekly  - 

See Colm McCoy's report on the Round Rotherham in Edition 2 of Ultra Runner Magazine

First and last paragraphs

WEST Midlands man Jeremy Bragg made a remarkable winning debut in Saturday's 23rd running of Rowbotham's Round Rotherham 50 mile cross-country trail race. Despite the muddy underfoot conditions, 24-year-old Bragg covered the tracks, trails and roads around the borough in 6 hours 33 minutes 56 seconds-the second fastest achieved in the history of the race, behind Rotherham Harrier Chris Parkes' l996 course record of 6:17.

After 23 years the Rowbotham's Round Rotherham, which was pioneered by Rotherham Harriers long serving official Ralph Rowbotham, is as popular as ever and continues to attract entrants to the town from all around the country. This year's race was a record breaker with 71 walkers, 100 runners and 16 teams of eight relay runners taking part.  

plus some comments from satisfied participants have been added

10-completions Award

In line with a tradition in LDWA events, an award has been introduced for completing the event 10 times. Awards have been made to Roy Varo, Henry Marston, Dave Carratt, Kerry Booth, Mick Cochrane, George Kay, Terry Griffiths, Andrew West, Chris Sanders, David Fox, Mick Marsters, Brian Harney, Ian O'Mara, Tom Hughes, Bob Berzins, Peter Simpson, Percy Wellor, Martin Gaynor and Barry Harrison. The awards are based on my records; please let me know if there is an error (contact information below). Names get spelled differently in different years (Steve or Stephen), ladies marry, and certain names have been duplicated, easy when there were two Nigel Robinsons in one year, more difficult when there were John Whites in different years, from different clubs (which is not decisive) but different DOB (which is).

Additional awards were made this year to David Keward and Michael Collins.  

That's a total of  21

20-completions Award

Roy Varo was the first to be presented an award for reaching 20 completions.

Congratulations also to David Thornton, his 50th race in his 50th birthday year was appropriately 50 miles

Retirements are included with main results 

Team Result
Subject to re-scrutiny of affiliation / team membership

Pos Cumulative Club Scorers
1 25h 28min Trail Runners Assoc. (1) Jez Bragg, Anne Wade and Vaughan Wade
2 25h 59min Rotherham H & AC (1) Kerry Booth, Bill Watson and Philip Haigh
3 27h 13min LDWA - High Peak Colin Travis, Philip Gwilliam and Roy Barnes
4 28h 47min N. York Moors AC Martin Dietrich, Cath Worth and Kendra Ann White
5 30h 43min Road Runners Club (1) Samuel Kilpatrick, Shirley Hume and Mark Cockbain
6 31h 14min Totley Mark Wilson, David Egan and David Shepherd
7 31h 20min Dark Peak FR Kevin Saville, Jim Fulton and Neil Drake
8 32h 3min Trail Runners Assoc. (2) Jason French, Barry Harrison and Marla Howard-Cutts
9 34h 32min Rother Valley Swallows David Devine, Brian Devine and David Allen
10 34h 40min Stafford Harriers Peter Sarson, Stuart Fowlie and Jillian Ross
11 37h 38min Rotherham H & AC (2) Roy Varo, Henry Marston and John Clarke (Rothm)
12 38h 50min LDWA - Irregulars David Wolsey, Lesley Wolsey and Michael Terry Griffiths
13 43h 21min LDWA - Vermuyden John Hughes, Tom Hughes and Steven Booth
14 43h 26min Road Runners Club (2) Lindsey Stewart, John MacLean and Lorna MacLean

The calculation is on cumulative time.
(Note: LDWA (as a whole), FRA and TRA have not been included as bona fide teams)
LDWA members: If you wish to claim membership of a section, please let me know


1 Men in Black RHAC Open 05:51:26
2 Yellow Peril Kimberworth Striders Open 05:51:46
3 Holme Pierrepont Holme Pierrepont Mixed 06:22:05
4 City of Sheffield AC City of Sheffield AC Open 06:26:30
5 Squirrel Squad Maltby Open 06:30:14
6 Swallows & Amazons RHAC+ RVS Open 06:38:24
7 RHAC Fastersnails Rotherham H & AC Mixed 07:08:17
8 Access Warriors 2    Open 07:15:56
9 Women in Black RHAC Female 07:16:53
10 Slowlys & Amazons Rother Valley Swallows Open 07:19:51
11 Striders Team Kimberworth Open 07:29:06
12 Killamarsh Kestrels One Killamarsh Kestrels Open 07:29:56
13 Access Warriors 1    Mixed 07:32:15
14 Kimberworth Kittens Kimberworth Female 08:20:53
15 Maltby Minxes Maltby Female 08:23:10
16 Vernon's Stupid Heroes Stone Master Marathoners Mixed 12:20:30

Please let me know if you are aware of any errors / undeclared changes.

Relay analysis   Relays by Class

Access Warriors 1 Yellow Peril
Kimberworth Striders
Mixed Open
1. Becky Parker (F) 1. Lee Crow (M)
2. Tony Mays (M) 2. Muneer Saif (M)
3. Martin Spence (M) 3. Shaun Hogton (M)
4. Jane Spence (F) 4. Phil Roberts (M)
5. Alison Douglas (F) 5. Steve Ford (M)
6. Emer Mckay (F) 6. Martin Gaynor (M)
7. Seb Schmoller (M) 7. Phil Martin (M)
8. Jon Cowley (M) 8. Martin Broadhead (M)


Kimberworth Kittens Striders Team
Kimberworth Kimberworth
Female Open
1. Bev Soakell (F) 1. Carl Smiles (M)
2. Carole Gaynor (F) 2. Roger Cook (M)
3. Theresa Elliott (F) 3. George Thompson (M)
4. Val Rivers (F) 4. Richard Green (M)
5. Gail Nixon (F) 5. Martin Goodhand (M)
6. Sue Andrews (F) 6. Martin Simpson (M)
7. Jayne Sanderson (F) 7. Ian Soakell (M)
8. Lesley Varah (F) 8. Ken Chapman (M)


Killamarsh Kestrels One Access Warriors 2 Squirrel Squad
Killamarsh Kestrels Maltby
Open Open Open
1. Richard Drury (M) 1. Martin Longhurst (M) 1. J Rust (M)
2. Les Crownshaw (M) 2. Matt Livingstone (M) 2. S Durdy (M)
3. Richard Drury (M) 3. Martin Longhurst (M) 3. A Thompson (M)
4. Les Crownshaw (M) 4. Matt Livingstone (M) 4. M Barber (M)
5. Richard Drury (M) 5. Ian Carey (M) 5. G Durham (M)
6. Les Crownshaw (M) 6. Tony Conah (M) 6. R Houghton (M)
7. Richard Drury (M) 7. Ian Carey (M) 7. P Geoghegan (M)
8. Les Crownshaw (M) 8. Tony Conah (M) 8. B Lowndes (M)

Team members: Please check names (when available), and let me know if there is an error, e.g. by e-mail to

Relay: Relays by category  

Relay split times  Relay Analysis  Relay splits and analysis are now available: Richard Harris takes the prize for fastest stage....  if his time can be believed (possibly a timing error, difficult to trace)
HELP:- I need to confirm team members, who ran which leg.  Are these names correct?  Corrected for Minxies, 

Please e-mail me to advise of errors.  The table above (of unconfirmed teams) or Split is probably the easiest to check.

Newsgroup Comments

Graphs of speed over each stage


Compare 2004


Compare with 2004

Lost Property (so far not claimed)

Black carrier bag containing towel and toiletries

Red plastic bag containing jacket and trackster bottoms

e-mail me to claim lost items

Check Point 1 - what a feast - larger file with pictures to download


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