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Also: public transport

It should be possible to have floor space in the Event Centre on the Friday night, 5 paid in advance if possible or on the Friday night/Saturday morning.  If you want to sleep at the event centre, let us know on your entry form (or by email to RoundRothEntries,  if you change your mind and want to stay).  I understand the Event Centre will be available from ? pm.  Until the Event Centre opens, the nearest warm place to wait may be the Tesco cafe, south from the roundabout towards Rotherham to the second roundabout and right.  Otherwise, are in local pubs.  You may want to park at (or at least recce) the Event Centre first. Go back down the college access road to the first small roundabout (or walk through college grounds to right of access road when you are approaching sports centre).  Then....   
The Staithes: straight on to the larger Manvers roundabout and take the first left towards Wath. The Staithes is on your right after around 100 m.

Please aim to get to the Event Centre before 9:30 pm - we've got an early start on Saturday.  You will have to wake people after 10:30!

Prices of other establishments may be from previous years.  See our Facebook page for offers on accommodation (e.g. unwanted hotel rooms)

In most cases, you should get a better rate from a web search with Expedia,, trivago, etc

One of the nearest hotels to the event centre is the Holiday Inn Express at Manvers, on the A633 Manvers Way, claimed to be the best hotel locally (information from Dearne Valley College). The RRR route runs behind the hotel , approx 1 km from Event Centre. They are charging 42.75 single or double/twin bed & breakfast for the race weekend (2018 prices), including breakfast for the nights of Friday 19th October and Saturday 20th October. If you quote Round Rotherham you may get a discounted rate; tel no is 01709 760666. (From the website, it seemed we oldies could get a room for 2 + breakfast for 34, in a previous year)   

Nearby is the Barnsley (Dearne Valley) Premier Inn, Meadowgate, Dearne Valley, Wombwell, S73 0UN (0871 527 8050 penalty rate phone number),  3 km from the event centre, at the Wath roundabout.  It is close to the Rotherham to Barnsley bus route.  67.50 for a double room with no breakfast (should get a better rate from a web search). Breakfast available at Brewers Fayre adjoining Premier Inn at any time. Although 3 km from the start, the EC is first along the A6195 towards Doncaster to the first roundabout, right on the A633 road towards Mexborough to the fourth roundabout, then left towards Bolton to a second roundabout, left after 250 m to MWBC.  Directions to hotel:  On the roundabout at the junction of the A633 (Barnsley to Mexborough road) and the A6195 (M1 junction 36 to Doncaster Road).

Sandygate Hotel, Sandygate, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham 01709 877827 - a favourite amongst RRRers
Diane Monroe    39.50 GBP Single 49.50 GBP  Double - with early breakfast before the race (2006). Approx 2 km from start - also close to the Event Centre.  From hotel, go north along Dearneway downhill to roundabout,
  straight ahead to next roundabout, then left after 250 m (signed to golf club).

Towards Mexborough is the 2-star Best Western PLus Pastures Hotel
Pastures Road, Mexborough, South Yorkshire S64 0JJ Tel: 0845 3130115, about 4 miles from event centre.  58.50 per room on the web (2010). Alternative link: Best Western and search for Mexborough

Local councils have web sites with some information about accommodation - contact the Tourist Information Centres through these sites for more information
Barnsley: they provide an extensive list. Those near the Event Centre include: (Hotels) Forte Travelodge, Keel Inn, Churchills, Drop (Guest Ho's) April Cot., Clifton Ho, Old Coach Ho (Inn/PH's) Hoyle Mill.  

Rockingham Arms, 8 Main Street, Wentworth, Rotherham 01226 742075
Connor McPeak 25 Single 30 double no breakfast. 3 miles from start.

Doncaster: I eventually found a list - follow 'Visit Doncaster' links to 'where to stay' (or T for tourist). You should also be able to contact the TIC to help check which hotels in their extensive database are near Manvers! 

Rotherham: List gives some hotels and guest houses, none close to Event Centre. The conveniently located Phoenix Hotel (opposite Rotherham Railway Station) has now been demolished. 
The Travel Inn 'motel' (Brecks) 48 GBP per room (2006), Regis Hotel,  Fernlea Hotel 22/32 GBP pn,  and Netherleigh Guest House (Moorgate area, S. of central Rotherham around SK 433923)
The Yellow Pages also lists (under Guest Houses) the Kenbet Transport House, Station Road (probably not averse to early risers!) and Corona Hotel, 163 College Road (both near the old station, west of bypass), The Kingfisher and The Mount. 

Also: Welcome Break (Motel) at Woodall Service Station on M1 (N of Junction 31).
Contact 0800 731 4466 or 0114 248 6434

TRANSPORT to event:

General: You can look up public transport using the Yorkshire Traveline.
Select Plan Your Journey (advanced option rather than quick version), enter your start location, e.g. London Kings Cross, and destination Manvers, Station Road.  Confirm locations. 

For Overnight Friday sleeping

If you are planning to sleep at the Event Centre, select either a departure time or arrival time (preferably arriving 19:00 to 21:30 - very latest 22:30 on Friday).
Bus connections:

From Rotherham, Doncaster or Barnsley, as appropriate:
(For 2018, a temporary bus station at Rotherham is almost adjacent to the railway station, half way to the old one, stand A7 for 22a/c/x)

Barnsley to Doncaster and vice versa. Alight at Manvers Way/Station Rd stop, just before roundabout at junction signed to Bolton. From Barnsley, the stop is just after a blue pedestrian bridge over the road, or from Rotherham just after the fire station on the left
The 22a (anticlockwise) and 22c (clockwise) Rotherham to Manvers buses go round a loop at the Manvers end. The relevant roundabout is at the apex of the loop, so it makes no real difference which you get. 22a, alight at Manvers Way/Station Rd stop, just after the fire station on the left. 22c alight at Station Rd/Manvers Way stop in Wath, between 2nd and 3rd roundabouts (or if you miss the stop, alight after bus turns right, opposite fire station).
22x Barnsley to Rotherham follows a similar route in this section; from Barnsley same as the 22a, from Rotherham same as the 22c

By train and bus: From Bolton upon Dearne (not to be confused with Lancastrian namesake), take 226 bus in direction of Thurnscoe, alight at Station Rd/Manvers Way, after crossing river and passing traffic light-controlled crossing, before roundabout. From Swinton (not to be confused with Lancastrian namesake), take 220 bus in direction of Wath/Cortonwood; alight at Manvers Way/Station Rd stop, just after the fire station on the left.

Take Bolton road from roundabout. After 250 m, turn left at gate to Waterfront Golf Club, go straight ahead to MWBC.

From Swinton:
Note: the Mexborough bus station is a 10 minute walk from the railway station, but bus stops are directly outside the station at Swinton, at Swinton Interchange.   So, if you arrive by train, alight at Swinton.   The 200 Mexborough-Wombwell bus runs every 30 minutes in the evening, xx:20 and xx:50 from Mexborough, 3 minutes later at Swinton arriving a further 10 minutes later at Manvers Way/Station Road.   Last bus is at 22:50, but PLEASE don't leave it that late!

Note: the station you need is Swinton, South Yorkshire (code SWN) and NOT Swinton, Manchester (code SNN) - could cause problems if you are buying your ticket in Liverpool or Manchester!

On the day travel

If you stay in Rotherham centre, and inform me (without the NOT) a few days in advance, a lift may be available at 04:50 from Rotherham; let me know where you are staying and we can arrange a meeting point.    Or book a taxi, e.g. 01709 555555.

By train on the day: rechecked for 2012
There is a train from Sheffield at 5:29 to Beverley, calling at Swinton, at 5:49 (2012 timetable) in good time for the 7:00 start.  Either walk last section or wait for the 06:35 bus. (This does not now connect with the Trans-Pennine Express.)   Or change at Rotherham for the 22 bus at 06:08, arr 06:26 - on leaving Rotherham station, turn right along road to traffic lights, at end of bus station.

Trains leave Doncaster for Swinton at 06:00 (arr 06:14), 06:23 and 07:02

From Swinton Interchange, catch the 200 bus (to Wath), but first bus is at 6:35 (6:30 from Mexborough), then 6:50.  For arrivals on Friday night, there are buses on this route (Mexborough - Swinton - Manvers - Wath) every half hour to 22:50. 

At Swinton bus stops are outside the railway station, but if your train only stops at Mexborough the bus station is over the main road (on right from station access road) 10 min from the railway station.

Swinton (S. Yorks) and Mexborough have neither a taxi rank nor a cab office. Advance taxi booking is essential. Consider using the following local taxi operators:

Swinton 01709 588885
Gemini 01709 581944
Gemini 01709 581944
Service Travel 01709 584600
Ivanhoe Cabs 01709 589999

By bus:  Buses other than the 22a/c and 220 probably stop too early on Friday. 

For the day or for sleepers:

Bus and train times are as listed for 2017; see SYPTE journey planner (same as Yorkshire Traveline). This only lets you check times for about a month, so you are advised to check times close to the day

If links to timetables don't work,  enter timetable number  in the Timetable Finder on the main page 

By train from Sheffield, Leeds or Doncaster to Swinton, S. Yorks (not Swinton, Manchester!) or Mexborough
From Swinton, take 220 bus (see below) or walk (4 km, last section of route).  To walk f
rom Interchange, go right (Leeds/Doncaster direction) 50 m to main road, cross it, Left, then Right on side road leading to footpath. Pick up route to DVC Sports between H12 and H13 on 8th stage along illuminated footpath (well, it has streetlights, which are sometimes on).
Mexborough, take X20 (daytime) or 220 bus - see below

220 Doncaster- Mexborough - Swinton - Manvers - Wath - Wombwell-Cortonwood   Buses from Station St, Swinton (turn right as you exit station, stop is just L at main road) to Manvers Way/Station Rd stop, just after the fire station on the left.   Evenings: hourly at xx:13 from Swinton. Or from Mexborough and Wath (for sleepers). 
AFAIK, if trains stop at Bolton, they will stop at Swinton. Make sure you book to Swinton S. Yorks, not Swinton, Manchester. You can catch the 220 bus (see below)

Contact me (Henry Marston) for more suggestions - we have some additional lists. Also, some are known to have parked up with a camper van at or near the event centre.

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