Holme Moss

GPS analysis of race 28 July 2002

First graph: Checkpoints as given (as from old route) - red triangles
the route with points at (approx) 30 second intervals -
small blue diamonds
checkpoints/marshals/turns as determined on the day -
orange diamonds

Download recorded waypoints
in Garmin format using OS format for Garmin GPS units
using the precise format required by PCX5 software. - to be updated; these are currently waypoints for Totley Terminator
These waypoints are also loadable to Magellan and other GPS brands using inter alia
GPS Utility,
a shareware product written by Alan Murphy
(contactable via his site).
(There is a restricted freeware version and a full bells-and-whistles version available on payment of a fee).

See the Munros/GPS section of this site for details of GPS file format


ChartObject Holme Moss  28 July 2002
22.0 km     30 s interval


Second graph shows progressive speed during event, using a rolling average speed over 3 time intervals (generally 2 min 40 s), showing all data points. Speed declines uphill! See event profile, based on a limited number of measurements of altitude (to be added to when I have time)


Shows a vertical line for each checkpoint. X-axis is time rather than distance (exaggerates slow bits!)

ChartObject Event Profile


As before, but X-axis is distance - but it is more difficult to show profile.

ChartObject Speed Profile


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