Relay 13 Dec 2003

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Relay and 8am starters are regarded as racing, so first to dunk at the finish gets the position.   Any comment?

Modified for Maltby teams

8 Stage relay

position name club class elapsed
  1 Old Men in Black RHAC Open 05:35:29
  2 Yellow Peril Kimberworth Striders Open 05:41:59
  3 Pulse M.F. Gym Open 06:02:17
4 Yellow Fever Kimberworth Striders Open 06:35:55
5 Rotherham Notslow Team RHAC Open 07:03:48
6 Maltby B Maltby Open 07:30:03
7 Kestrels Killamarsh Open 07:47:40
8 Access Warriors against the occupation Activist Open 07:51:34
9 Retford AC Retford AC Open 08:27:43
10 Millhouses F.C. Parents running for Junior football club Open 10:05:26

position name club class elapsed
1 Doonhamers Dumfries Running Club Mixe 06:22:29
2 Squirell Squad Maltby Mixe 06:23:43
3 Swallows & Amazons Rother Valley Swallows Mixe 06:34:45
4 Goodenough College Goodenough College RC Mixe 07:14:44
5 Access Warriors for a free Iraq Political Mixe 07:48:54
6 Pulse L.B. Gym Mixe 08:27:41


position name club class elapsed
 1 Tarts in Trainers RHAC Fema 07:15:56
 2 T Girls Kimberworth Striders Fema 08:35:33

On their first visit, Dumfries put up a creditable performance, with the definite disadvantage of not knowing the route.  Their 1st place as mixed team doubtless reflects the fact that they reconoitered the route - negating home club advantage!


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