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Saturday, 14th December, 2002

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This is where the results will first be published, after the event

Results in main listings have been adjusted for start times for 8:00 and relay

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Walkers and 7am starters are given same position when finishing in a group, up to 5 seconds separating dibbing at the finish. Relay and 8am starters are regarded as racing, so first to dunk at the end gets the position. A facility to reverse these defaults is being devised. Relay can't really be regarded as joint winners, but 8am could run as a pair, or 7am could be racing to the bitter end (especially the husband and wife pairs?)     Any comment?
Also, walkers start time adjusted to 06:03, fast runners to 8:02, relay to 8:32:30

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What the papers said: Rotherham Advertiser, Rotherham Star and Athletics Weekly


Individual Male

1 Kerry Booth Rotherham H & AC 07:06:37
 2 Mike Robinson Dark Peak FR 07:33:03
3 Andy Brooks Shelton Striders 07:40:26
4 Philip Gwilliam LDWA - High Peak 07:40:29

Individual Female

1 Sharon Gayter. New Marske Harriers F 09:14:07
2 Zoe Thornburgh. LDWA F 10:16:11
3 Shirley Hume. LDWA - Bristol & West F 11:07:33

10-completions Award

In line with a tradition in LDWA events, an award has been introduced for completing the event 10 times. Awards have been made to Roy Varo , Henry Marston, Dave Carratt, Kerry Booth, Mick Cochrane, George Kay, Terry Griffiths, Andrew West, Chris Sanders, David Fox. The awards are based on my records; please let me know if there is an error (contact information below). Names get spelled differently in different years (Steve or Stephen), ladies marry, and certain names have been duplicated, easy when there were two Nigel Robinsons in one year, more difficult when there were John Whites in different years, from different clubs (which is not decisive) but different ages (which is).

Additional awards were made this year to Mick Marsters, Brian Harney, Ian O'Mara and Tom Hughes

Team Result
Subject to re-scrutiny of team membership

1 23h 48min Rotherham H & AC Kerry Booth, Mike Armstrong and Brian Harney
2 24h 50min Shelton Striders Andy Brooks, David Thornton and John Thornton
3 25h 24min Dark Peak FR Mike Robinson, Bob Berzins and Kevin Saville
4 25h 35min Rotherham H & AC Mick Marsters, William H Watson and Philip Haigh
5 27h 2min Kimberworth Striders Stuart Wright, Muneer Saif and Michael Nunn
6 31h 22min LDWA - High Peak Philip Gwilliam, Jane Blatherwick and Marla Howard-Cutts
7 32h 30min Kimberworth Striders Steve France, Karl Smiles and Ian O'Mara
8 33h 30min Rotherham H & AC Mick Cochrane, Roy Varo and John Clarke
9 34h 44min Dark Peak FR Jim Fulton, Peter Simpson and Neil Piper
10 39h 3min Rotherham H & AC Henry Marston, Jim Johnson and Dave Carratt
11 40h 38min LDWA - Vermuyden Dennis Allport, Tom Hughes and John Hughes
12 41h 34min LDWA - Irregulars Andy Mohun-Smith, Michael Terry Griffiths and Christine Stratton
13 45h 6min Kimberworth Striders Dick Green, Bob Drobek and Ted Allen

The calculation is on cumulative time.
(Note: LDWA (as a whole) and TRA have not been included as bona fide teams)
LDWA members: If you wish to claim membership of a section, please let me know

More information about the SI electronic timing system

Michael Napier's presentation (at O event)

SportIdent's Home Page

Comments on Electronic Timing System

Individual:  Split times  Speeds  Team result - see above  Retirements included with main results 

Relay:  Relay split times  Relay Analysis

8 Stage relay

See result

1 Yellow Peril. Kimberworth Striders


2 Rooneys Rakish Rogues. Kimberworth Striders


3 Squirrel Squad. Maltby Running Club


4 Cookie's Crew. Kimberworth Striders


5 Kestrels. Killamarsh Kestrels


6 Access Warriors. Anti War


7 Bob's Trotters. Rotherham'ish


8 Dumfries Running Club. Dumfries Running Club


On their first visit, Dumfries put up a creditable performance, with the definite disadvantage of not knowing the route.

Rooneys Rakish Rogues' dibber went astray on Stage 4; can you provide 'accutate' splits? (I've spoken to Pat, so they should be coming)
Team members: I think I have most now, except proper names for Bob's Trotters and The Christmas Puddings, and may have mis-read names for Cookie's Crew. Please check names on link for splits, and let me know if there is an error, e.g. by e-mail


1 Dark Peak 'Z' Team. Dark Peak Fell Runners 6:55:39
2 Swallows & Amazons. Rother Valley Swallows 7:04:16
3 Stop the War A Team. Anti War 7:23:49
4 Wind in the Willoughby's. Kimberworth Striders 8:14:59
5 The Christmas Puddings. Rotherham'ish 8:20:15


1 Tarts in Trainers. Rotherham H & AC 7:03:01
2 Theresa's Angels. Kimberworth Striders 8:31:18

Newsgroup Comments


Split times


Team result - see above


Relay split times

Relay Analysis

Lost Property

pr Saucony shoes (8/9)
Ron Hill cag, blue with green stripes
Red baseball cap
1002 baseball cap (from route)
Grey Eurohike rucksack with ladies clothes (was under stage, I believe)
Ortlier plastic map case - CLAIMED
short sleeve Helly Hansen
North Face bum bag with casual shoes
Grey Helly Hansen fleece top
folding umbrella, brown handle - CLAIMED

Certificates for
Nigel Dix
David Devine
Alastair Miatt
Barry Harrison

e-mail me to claim items

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