Results of Rowbotham's Round Rotherham

Saturday, 9th December, 2000


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Individual Male

 1. Martyn Gaynor. Kimberworth Striders 7:11:26
 2. Brian Roberts. Mandale Harriers 7:11:34
 3. Andy Brooks. Shelton Striders 7:15:58

Individual Female

1. Kendra Ann White. Quakers RC 9:23:27
2. Shirley Hume. LDWA - Bristol & West 11:16:14
3. Helen Killick. 12:19:47


10-completions Award

In line with a tradition in LDWA events, an award has been introduced for completing the event 10 times. This proved very popular at the presentation. Awards were made to Roy Varo (15), Henry Marston (13), Dave Carratt (12), Kerry Booth, Mick Cochrane, George Kay, Terry Griffiths, Andrew West (11), Chris Sanders, David Fox (10). The awards are based on my records; please let me know if there is an error (contact information below). Names get spelled differently in different years (Steve or Stephen), ladies marry, and certain names have been duplicated, easy when there were two Nigel Robinsons in one year, more difficult when there were John Whites in different years, from different clubs (which is not decisive) but different ages (which is).
Team Result

 Position  Team Members  Cumulative Time,  
 1  RHAC (1)  24h 29min  Kerry Booth. Brian Harney. William H Watson.
 2  Kimberworth  25h 12min Martyn Gaynor. Pat Rooney. Malcolm Senior. 
 RHAC (2)  28h 53min  Philip Roberts. Philip Haigh. Mick Cochrane.

The calculation is on cumulative time.

(Note: LDWA (as a whole) and TRA have not been included as bona fide teams)

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Michael Napier's presentation (at O event)

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8 Stage relay

1 The Boys are Back (around town) Rotherham H & AC 05:36:58
2 Kimberworth Striders 'A' Kimberworth Striders 05:49:51
3 Maltby 'A' Maltby R.C. 06:16:32


 1st Mixed Maltby Mixed Maltby R.C. 07:25:26
2nd Mixed Swallows & Amazons 07:42:18

1st Ladies Bad Girls (are back in town) Rotherham H & AC 07:43:51


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