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(c) Payments can be made conveniently using NOCHEX.  Registration is not necessary.  Payment by Paypal can be accepted but involves higher charges so is discouraged.  Please do NOT enter using this form unless you are prepared to pay electronically - otherwise it causes confusion. 

(d) A number of changes have had to be incorporated to abide by UK:athletics rules, applicable through the TRA registration.  In particular, we have to pay a levy for all participants who are not members of a club or association affiliated to UK:athletics.  This is primarily to pay for event insurance.  If you are a member of an affiliated club or association, the pre-entry fee is £10, but £11 if unattached, plus £4 to sleep at the event centre on the Friday night, i.e. £14 or £15.  Late entries (after entry list is finalised on 4 Dec) are set at £15 (attached or unattached, £19 if sleeping).


Date: Saturday, 8th December, 2007

Certain details have not been finalised, but changes will be put on our web page
Significant changes will be e-mailed to entrants as far as possible





Do not press the <RETURN> key until you have completed your entry or your part-filled form will be submitted

Any person taking part under the wrong name will be disqualified.
You have every opportunity to enter correctly on the day

By entering, you implicitly accept entry conditions for the RRR event.
Only proceed with your entry if you accept the entry conditions for the RRR event 
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Age on the day *:

Absolute minimum age on day is 18  Note: the TRA recommend a minimum age of 21 years. 18-20 year olds should contact organisation  in advance (e-mail henry@NOThmarston.co.uk to discuss, removing the NOT)

Your Date of Birth is required, for example to help resolve duplicate names  (no leading zeros, i.e. 1 not 01)

Day(1 to 31) *   Month(1 to 12) *   Year (4 digits, e.g. 1970) *

Affiliated (First Claim) athletics club, FRA, TRA, NoEAA Mem No,  for discounted fee, or leave blank if Unattached 

Club (for team competition) if different from Affiliated Club.  Note FRA, TRA and LDWA are not regarded as teams
For LDWA, please give your group name as (e.g.) LDWA - High Peak;  LDWA as a whole does not count in the team competition
If you do not put a club, you will not count in the team competition (3 to count)

Gender *:
Male Female

Proposed start (not binding - please don't advise of a change) *:
Walkers 6:00     Runners 7:00

Addresses and telephone numbers are required in case of problems on the day; information will normally be e-mailed or on the web, and results posted in your SAE (envelopes available at reception)

Address line 1 *:

Address line 2: (optional)

Town or city *:

County: (optional)

Postcode *:

Telephone, inc area code: (if we need to contact you before the event it will normally be by e-mail)

Mobile phone, inc code: (preferably the mobile phone you will carry on the day)

Car registration number, make, model  (if transport plans are known)

The following two questions are to assist the archivist:

Number of previous completions, approx. - see links below to 'official' data:

Links to Historical Record (to 2005) that lists my record of how many times you have finished - 2006 has not yet been added
Surname Initials A-F   Initials G-O   Initials P-Z (split to control size of files)
FINISHES: 0   1   2 or 3  4 or more

Possible alternative names you may have used e.g. Jane Smith now Jane Brown, John Smith now Crusher Smith:

Shirt size S, M, L or XL *

Fee *:
£12.00 Attached to UK:athletics, inc TRA, FRA, RRC
£13.00 Not attached. LDWA if not also a member of an athletics club
£17.00 Date on or after 3 Dec (Attached or non-attached)
Other, as agreed with organiser (please explain in Comments box)

Floor space *:
Do you want to sleep at the event centre on the Friday night? 
No, thank you
Yes, please.  Please add £4 to fee

Enter any other details or comments here (max 3 lines, but do not press <Return>)

How do you plan to pay?
e.g. NOCHEX (link from the acknowledgement of this form),
You may add any comments (including any dispute on historical record)
If you have problems making an electronic payment, contact me (e.g. reply to my confirmation e-mail) describing the problem and how you access the web (from home/work/univ). To pay by cheque, contact me henry@NOThmarston.co.uk, removing the NOT, for address to send it to.  Do not send a cheque to the postal entry secretary if you have entered using this form.
But please try NOCHEX first.
Also, for newcomers, how did you learn about the Round Rotherham?

By entering, participants agree to absolve the Organisers and Rotherham Harriers and Athletics Club from responsibility for their safety in the Round Rotherham event.  I will obey the The Countryside Code,
TRA/UK:athletics rules apply.
Entries and results will be processed by computer, and can only be accepted on this basis.
This information will only be used in connection with the Round Rotherham Run.

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