John Caldicott's pictures of 

Rowbotham's Round Rotherham 2003

at the delightful Roche Abbey

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Some people have had problems accessing the pictures - this is being investigated, and appears to have been solved. If you have problems, please contact me   

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 For the technical: the thumbnails are about 2 kb, the enlargements 20 kb and the original files 300 kb to 580 kb.
If you want a print, you could do with it being produced from the original file. If you position the mouse over the picture, the reference code should appear.  Alternatively, the filename appears at the end of the text in the address bar when you are looking at the enlarged picture. The four digits after _ identify the pictures, e.g. 0440. If you would like the original file of your picture by e-mail, please contact me,  Alternatively, arrangements can be made to send a print, at cost.  My understanding is that prints of digital pictures can be obtained for 40 p at Boots, I assume by presenting a CD or possibly a floppy disc with the relevant file. I will check for further details. If appropriate, I will co-ordinate obtaining a batch of prints and posting them on.

Please contact me if you want to publish an image; if other than yourself, you should have the permission of the athlete. If you do not like your picture being displayed, I will remove it if you contact me at  I have to say, though, that you deserved applause as you passed (especially individuals at 57 km)

For further information, contact me,

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