The Round Rotherham Run in Pictures      
Stage 4: Harthill to Woodsetts (new route across Lindrick Golf Course) 

What you see

Where you go

Cross stream and uphill to golf course
  REVISED ROUTE: follow Permissive Path to tunnel under A57

Climb slope from bridge, then keep right along track (keep field on right) with Yellow posts on the right

  Track comes in from left, then track forks - take left fork.

Note conditions of use of the path

  Follow track, turn left where signed and through tunnel
  Emerging from tunnel, take signed left turn, pass to right of green and bunker (unless otherwise signed) to right of trees, passing behind line of bushes
  Follow alongside bushes to path at corner,
    follow this path to main path and turn left
  Cross fairway (with care) to road, and follow round to lane uphill

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