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Updated for 2022 in progress

Please be aware: Covid-19 restrictions has had a major effect on the organisation of the event. The start format has been changed, but both the Individual (Solo) and Relay will go ahead.  See the Changes page.  Covid-related changes have not been incorporated into the Answers on this page

Questions (white) and answers (yellow) are constantly being added


How will the RRR be affected by HS2?

Well, not for now, I guess.


Forgive me if I have over looked this information on the website but I hoped you could tell me what is needed to qualify for your 50 mile race and if there is any time limit on booking a place or can it be done up until the race date.

Requirements are 
(a) that you as a responsible adult feel that you are capable of doing the event
(b) you pay the money, preferably in advance of the event, a fortnight before if possible (EOD has traditionally been available, but is at a premium fee, and may deny memento, etc)

(c) your as mad as a hatter to want to run or walk 80 km over (or maybe I should say through) our muddy fields - but then you're not the only one! 

From 2009, the event is in October, Autumn, but remember that the OMM was abandoned in 2008 just one week later!  Generally, the fields are firm unless recently ploughed.  Many muddy paths have been upgraded to firm cycle track, unfortunately.

Update: For safety reasons, so that if you need assistance you can call the organisation, the minimum kit requirement is now a mobile phone (and if it is a Smartphone, you can use it for navigation!)  People do go astray and we have no way of tracing you other than by phone (and you need a mobile phone to contact us - telephone boxes have virtually disappeared - only at Tinsley, Turnerwood and Old Denaby, IIRC).


What is the date of next year's event and when do entries open; I want to get my entry in early to guarantee a place.

The event is now routinely held on the second or third Saturday in October (but could be a or so week earlier or later). Entries generally open in Spring, when we have decided details, like entry fees!!  Don't panic about getting your entry in - we have never reached our race limit and even have entry on the day, with fees at a premium rate from (generally) a fortnight before the event. This is when we have to order T-shirts, food, etc. However, we do appreciate pre-entry in the month before the event.  For Relays there is no EOD.

Have you any idea when entries for the RRR will be opened, please.  I only ask as it will be my first 50 miler and I'm planning training and races/events from now up to the RR and would absolutely hate to miss out on a place (I'm guessing there will be a max entry number).  Is it possible I could be added to an email list to be informed when entries open please?

There will be no problem getting into the Round Rotherham as at the moment we do not reach our maximum entry limit.  Entries will be going online hopefully before March next year or you will also be able to download entry forms. 

How do you take entry fees for on-line entries?

Through the SiEntries race entry system.  There are no 'paper' entries.  SiEntries are a reputable organisation

What acknowledgement of entry will I receive?

If you enter online, check the Entries List tab on the (SiEntries) website and your entry will appear at the end of the list once the process is complete. You will not normally get any other acknowledgement.  You will only be contacted if there is an apparent problem, e.g. ambiguity in your entry.  Check the Entries list on the SIentries webpage for the Round Rotherham.  Possible reasons for rejection would be age (too young) or that you are subject to a ban.

I am 20 years old.  Can I take part?

The absolute Minimum Age on the Day is 20 years on the day of the event for the individual event (under UK Athletics rules). However, the TRA (a sub-section of UK Athletics) recommend a minimum age of 21 for events of this type.  Under exceptional circumstances, we are prepared to consider 20 year old participants, e.g. prior experience in similar events, a member of a group, e.g. a walking or services group.  Under 21's must contact the organiser, RoundRothEntries, to provide information on prior experience/circumstances to justify entry.  For the relay, the minimum age is 18 years (unless accompanied at all times by parent or guardian).

How do I get my race number?
Numbers are issued at registration in the morning, in the hour before your start time i.e. 7 am starters register after the 6 am starters have left ... we immediately know who has actually started and when.  We also issue mementos and navigation aids (written description and strip maps), and there is the Woodsetts bag drop.

Race Distance:

I have heard that next year's Ultra trail Mt Blanc will require an 80k+ qualifying trail run (or 2 x 50k+ events), and that yours was one of the few events that would count in time for registration in the new year. If so, then you will be awash with fast fell running nutters. [will you notice?]

We increased the length from 76 to 81 km for the benefit of walkers, as 50 miles corresponds to a qualification event for the LDWA Centurion walk, and there are not many other opportunities for qualification between October and the event entry date (e.g. if you were injured in summer and want to get a qualifier in). Interesting it also applies for European walks. I guess there will be some elite runners (male and female), long distance rather than fell runners, but also a larger number of steady long distance sane people (like thee and me), running and walking.  And don't be dismissive of the walkers - they crack on at a pace that is faster than a regular runner can walk (if you get my drift)    As for the Ultra trail Mt Blanc, you need to accrue 4 points from qualifying events, and the Round Rotherham could provide 1 point for the 2009 version.  You should check with the Mont Blanc organisers as to whether they will allow the RR as a qualifier this year for next year. We think not.


I posted an application to you with a cheque for the race entry and accommodation for the Friday night.  I have since been able to secure alternative local accommodation.  What should I do?

To avoid confusion, let your entry go through as it is. On request, we give you a rebate for the night accommodation when you register on the day. (Entry is now all on-line: there could be an administration fee for any rebate) I'm sure a lot of people will change their plans and either want to add overnight accommodation or remove it.  (If you want to add overnight accommodation, but have not booked it, e-mail to let us know you will be coming.)  We should be able to find you floor space for the night. Pay the overnight fee at registration on the day (EOD table).

Did you manage to get the event centre for the night before? There is a few of us travelling up late and just need somewhere for a few hours sleep.

Yes, the event centre is normally open all day, cafe closing at 4 pm.  After that, our team will be on site. Report to them - you may be asked to move your car as space is limited and we will need to optimise parking. Lakeside parking will be essential, but only under guidance of parking officials. Please try to get to MWBC by 10 pm to give others a quiet, restful night. I'm not sure exactly what facilities there will be, beyond a floor and toilets. There is a nearby Tesco open till late. We have an alarm clock comprising others rising for the 6am start (however quietly)....  The cafe plans to open at 5 am on the Saturday for breakfasts.
One room will be reserved for 4 am starters, to avoid disturbing others. Please identify where to go on the Friday night even if you are sleeping elsewhere (inc. in a camper van in the car park, no charge if you don't need EC facilities)

Is there any floor space left at the event centre on the Friday night for two people to sleep on?

We haven't specifically reserved slots - guess there should be space.  If you can't update your entry on SiEntries, please advise us (; it simplifies matters if you pay in advance. 

Is there any possibility of hot drinking water, or possibility to create porridge at the Event Centre in the morning? 

At the moment, we are unclear about exactly what facilities there will be. Last year we had an electric boiler, but our cooks for the race finish meal had problems working out how to produce the usual repast. I would recommend bringing a breakfast picnic.
The cafe plans to open at 5am on the Saturday for breakfasts

I wondered if it is possible to camp on the Friday night at the event centre please, rather than staying on the floor. I'd still pay the £5 to cover any admin costs etc.

Camping in a tent is permitted. However, an area of the car park is reserved for motorhomes for overnight sleeping (Friday night only). Possible wild camping sites (for motorhomes, if you want a place for Saturday night) are the overflow car park 200 m up the road towards Bolton (on right just before light-controlled crossing), laybys on the A635, between Goldthorpe and Darfield (North from EC, through Bolton and Goldthorpe then left towards Barnsley) or main car park in Wombwell (Summer Lane)


What time is registration open Sat morning???

People are trying to sleep in the same hall as registration, so we don't want you getting up/turning up too early. Essentially, you register in the hour before your start. So if you register before 6am (from about 5am or shortly after), it is assumed you will be starting at 6 am. Registration reopens for the 7am start once the 6am starters have gone. (otherwise, someone could register for 7am early, holding up the 6am queue and slip off with the 6am starters - not good).

Numbers are issued on the day - means we wont' go searching for someone who didn't make it to the startline!

Attention turns to the relay after the 7 am starters have departed, i.e. from 7:10, but best to be there by 7:40.  Relay numbers can be issued on the day, but it could be problematical getting them to team members if they are going direct to their start points. Alternatively, relay numbers can be posted out for circulation in advance.

Special arrangements will apply for 4 am starters

Bag drop, are there size or labelling instructions

As you go through registration, you will be offered a plastic bag for the drop; your race number will be put on it, you take it away, put your stuff into it and then put it in a designated area. Someone has to carry it to the van, so please be reasonable about what you put in it. Tha bag should make its way back to Manvers before you.


Last year you kindly picked me up from a car park in Rotherham and gave me a lift to the start of the Round Rotherham. Is it possible I could have a lift again this year?

Should be possible; let me know where you are staying and (depending on other requests) we can arrange a pick-up point, as you are planning to start at 6 am.  Standard pick-up is at 4:50 am
For more travel information, see our travel and accommodation page

A couple of other questions concerning the start; I noticed that it said the Lakeside Car Park shuts at 8pm--I presume that it will stay open until the event has finished, and secondly are we expected to pay to park? If so, how much will it be?

On the weekend of the event, the car park will be open on the Friday night to receive overnight sleepers (inside, in tent, in camper), then open on the Saturday morning (around 5am) to receive 6 am starters. It will close on the Saturday night when everyone has finished and gone. In this window, there is no charge. But, if you wish to park at the Lakeside Car Park for recce runs, normal restrictions apply - gate closing time limits and parking charge (£1).

Start time:
Iím planning to do this as part of my training for the Marathon des Sables in 2009. 
Is it possible to start with the walkers, even though I plan to run some of the course, as I have no idea how long will take me? But am pretty sure it will be in the region of 14 hours +.

So long as you don't set off running fast and then slow to a walk for the second half, you should be OK.  Basically, the first checkpoint is timed to open for walkers, albeit fast walkers. If you run too much in the first stage, you may have to wait for it to open.  There are some hills that provide a good excuse (reason) to walk on this stage. 

(We don't have walking judges to disqualify non-walkers! - walking and running categories are related to overall time)

Your start time is your choice, but I will provide some background information.
The hoped-for 'time limit' is 16 h for 'walkers'/6 am starters, so it becomes 15 hours for 7:00 starters, b
ased on the Finish being closed at 23:00, so you need to finish by 22:00 to get your meal and to change. The nature of the course means that if you expect to better 12 hours 30 min you should start at 7:00, so that you cover the technical sections in daylight, and don't arrive at checkpoints before they open. If you expect to be slower, the 6:00 start is recommended. The true Walkers will walk every step of the way, and finish in 13 to 15 hours.

Check sunrise and sunset times, or in particular dawn and dusk. Dawn is about 7 am, so faster 6 am starters will be in the dark after Elsecar, in King's Wood.  The final section, after Old Denaby (74 km), is better than King's Wood in the dark! Navigation is relatively simple after Hooton Roberts (71 km), and streetlit from Swinton (77 km) (2018 distances)

6am starters will still have an hour or so of dark from the start, but dusk will be around 6:30 pm, so 7 am starters have 11.5 hours to get to Old Denaby, for 12.5 hours total time. Navigation is straightforward from Hooton Roberts so if you get there before dark, in approx 11.5 hours starting at 7 am, you can expect to finish in 13 hours.

Thank you for that. Yes, clear as mud!!!!

Well, the true mud is from Harthill to Woodsetts!! And on the section from Maltby to Old Denaby.  E

Do all runners set off together, solo, teams & slow runners (me) or is there an option to set off with the walkers?

There are three starts, 6 am and 7am for individuals, 8 am for relay teams. As an individual, you choose which start time - they are not formal Walkers or Runners starts. Walkers will normally start at 6 am; faster runners should start at 7 am, to avoid (a) getting to the first checkpoint before the officials and (b) arriving at Elsecar before dawn. The first 7 km (4 miles) is pavement or hardcore footpath, so OK with minimal lighting before it gets light. But at Elsecar you go into a wood with the first proper footpath, so it's to your advantage to get there after it gets light (after 7:00). So, if you expect to be faster than 12.5 hours and start at 7:00, it will be dawn at Elsecar, and you should at least get to Old Denaby before dark (18:30).

What's this about a 4 am start?

It is suggested that 16 hours is too short a time limit for a 50 mile event. It is unrealistic to simply extend the closing time for 6 am starters to 2 am. The already long opening times of the later checkpoints would have to be extended by several (up to 4) hours. Also, we are uncomfortable about a relatively small number of participants out in the countryside after midnight. To accommodate slower walkers, we have opted for an alternative strategy: a 4 am start.  How it works: If you expect to take over 12 hours but hope to finish within 16 hours (although you may slip and actually take 17 hours) start at 6 am.  If you expect to take between 16 and 20 hours, start at 4 am.
4 am starters must pre-enter, giving 4 am as the start time.  At the event centre, a room will be set aside for 4 am starters, for sleeping (you will want to get your head down early) and registration/set off in the morning. If you don't sleep in this room (e.g. in a camper van), you are advised to reconnoitre its location on Friday night. 'Race' numbers and SI dibbers will be preallocated and issued shortly before 4 am. Therefore, no entry on the day, no transfer from a later start after on-line entries have closed. The system will be low-key but robust - you may have to collect badges and (ordered) T-shirts when you finish. Checkpoint 1 will open early, at 6:30 am. A flat 16 hour schedule would give an arrival time of 7 am, but some slowing in the later stages is anticipated. If you arrive early, you are required to wait until the official arrives to record your passage and offer some refreshments.
Time Limit: 4 am starters are expected to finish by midnight. Event Centre operations will taper down from 23:00

Late Entry Fee:
Is it now the more expensive option as it's after
the stated closing date?

After the closing date, the SIentries entry system closes so that we can process entry lists knowing they will no change. Entries are thereafter are only accepted on the day, at registration.    T-shirts will have been ordered (often based on entries a week or so before the closing date), so you may not get your preferred size even if you enter just before the closing date.
After the closing date,  the start list will be finalised, after which it's more work processing late entries so we charge for the trouble.


Do I require route plans re. above & if so, would it be possible to receive them by post? If you require pre paid envelope please let me know?

The Ďfinalí maps and descriptions will be available on the day, issued at registration, printed in the week or so before the event.
Maps and descriptions, progressively updated, can be downloaded from the ĎTravel, Accommodation and Navigationí page on the website. 'Final' maps are produced based on the updates when we go to print.
Itís last yearís maps and descriptions that are available by post, primarily for recce runs.

I just completed, with a friend a 52.1 miler in Norfolk last weekend and being a runner, found that the greatest limitation was the route description.  We actually clocked 56 miles according to the garmins/polar SD monitor. I have no problem navigating usually, but need clear instructions. How complex is it to follow your route? is this an endurance or an orienteering event primarily?

You probably don't have to fall back to sweepers, but keep in touch with people who know the route / have done it before.  Basically, if your aim is to get round, you can probably tag on to someone.  If you want to race, you should recce the route.  The guys from Dumfries have found it invaluable to do so.  Concentrate on the second half of the route, when as a racer you want to make your move.  It isn't Orienteering, there is some route marking (but of course people go wrong where there is no marking!)  And not endurance - purely a delight!

The navigation page is up and running now, There are links to (a) our pictorial map (Wainwright style, if you've seen his Pennine Way guide) (b) a written description (c) downloads for GPSs  (d) a pictorial description, using digital photos (under development) 

Recce Runs

You mention reconnoitring - how can I get to the different sections, and which are best to recce?

If you have a car, or preferably two cars so that you don't have to run back, you can make use of the information for supporters to navigate to successive checkpoints. 

Alternatively you could catch a bus to the point where the bus route crosses the RRR route, reconnoitre a section and catch another bus back.  Suitable buses are from Rotherham Interchange (bus station), where there is an enquiry desk on the platform where you can ask for the next bus to a particular location.  During the day, most routes are frequent, so you can select a section (or more) to do. 

Suggestions (being updated for 2018 - may need revision): Buses from Rotherham Interchange unless otherwise indicated

To get to MWBC (Start/Finish)
Barnsley to Doncaster and vice versa. Alight at Manvers Way/Station Rd stop, just before roundabout at junction signed to Bolton. From Barnsley, the stop is just after a blue pedestrian bridge over the road, or from Rotherham just after the fire station on the left
The 22a (anticlockwise) and 22c (clockwise) Rotherham to Manvers buses go round a loop at the Manvers end. The relevant roundabout is at the apex of the loop, so it makes no real difference which you get. 22a, alight at Manvers Way/Station Rd stop, just after the fire station on the left. 22c alight at Station Rd/Manvers Way stop in Wath, between 2nd and 3rd roundabouts (or if you miss the stop, alight after bus turns right, opposite fire station).
22x Barnsley to Rotherham follows a similar route in this section; from Barnsley same as the 22a, from Rotherham same as the 22c

By train and bus: From Bolton upon Dearne (not to be confused with Lancastrian namesake), take 226 bus in direction of Thurnscoe, alight at Station Rd/Manvers Way, after crossing river and passing traffic light-controlled crossing, before roundabout. From Swinton (not to be confused with Lancastrian namesake), take 220 bus in direction of Wath/Cortonwood; alight at Manvers Way/Station Rd stop, just after the fire station on the left.

X1 Sheffield via Rotherham to Maltby. This route crosses the RRR route at Tinsley (the stop to the Rotherham side of the Tinsley Viaduct) at B11, and at Maltby (twice). After the bus turns up from main road, at top of hill - track on left opposite a road at G4. It returns to the main road at G2, just above the checkpoint.
Alternatively, 10 for Maltby CP Ė after motorway crossing, church is on the right as the road rises.  Checkpoint is behind Tesco supermarket.

X66 to High Green.  Alight at Grange Park (golf course signs) at A29, close to CP1, Grange Park
X78 Sheffield - Rotherham - Doncaster crosses route at bus shelters on Stage 2 at B8, Rotherham side of Tinsley Viaduct, where motorway crosses valley.  Bus goes to Hooton Roberts (G21) - option of parking one place, run to other, no change needed.  But split is 26/54 km
31 Rotherham via Catcliffe - Meadowhall (hourly) and 73 to Treeton passes close to RRR route in Catcliffe (B21)
29/29a Harthill, or (X54/74 from Sheffield via Catcliffe and Treeton). alight in village at mini-roundabout to pick up route at D2 from right (west) (not frequent)
20 TM Travel Rotherham - Dinnington - Firbeck - Rotherham circular (for Woodsetts or Firbeck checkpoints) (not frequent, not on Sunday - use for outward travel!)
19A to Worksop for Woodsetts CP (Butchers Arms, D26)
X78 (again) towards Doncaster, alight (catch) at Hooton Roberts (G21).
If you continue to Swinton at H11, turn left to Swinton Interchange Ė bus or train to Rotherham.

With limited time, it's probably best to concentrate on the later stages where you are less likely to be in view of other runners/walkers.  Hooton Roberts is a convenient place to catch a bus back to Rotherham, so work back from there for a preferred start point.

I have found a path closed on a recce run - what should I do? Will it be open for the event?
A lot depends on where the closure is.....  Check the Changes page on this website or our FaceBook page to see if it has been identified previously. Otherwise, it can be reported (on Facebook or directly to
 Henry Marston).  We will endeavour to find a solution before the event, of course... whether getting the path reopened or an alternative route.

Stage 2. If the access to the Jordan railway bridge (after B8) is closed, There is an alternative bridge a further 500 m east, towards Rotherham, R down a good track opposite Pembroke Street. When you get to the canal (various options), turn right along the tarmaced waterside path and you will soon be back on the route. (Was closed in Summer 2017, now reopened)

Stage 4.  For Sunday recce runs, there is a small risk that the level crossing just after Turnerwood (D18) may be closed for engineering work on the railway.  Check for Disruptions to services, select Train (Northern) and check for entries relating to the Sheffield - Worksop - Lincoln line.  Such disruptions are rare, and are confined to Sunday so won't affect the actual event. There are alternative level crossings towards Worksop (to the east, past the houses at Turnerwood). There is a path from the next (brick) bridge, or continue to Shireoaks and follow the road NE to Brancliffe Lane to Brancliffe Grange, then go north, uphill.

What should I take with me on recce runs?

Take a pair of secateurs! As you go, just trim a few branches overhanging the path. Let them drop on the floor. We don't ask you to stop and clear a route, but if 20 people go through chopping off the odd bit of overgrowth, it will make a big difference and help make a clearer route for THE day.

Navigation - GPS:
Wow the GPS download sounds very complicated, I have only ever hand punched waypoints in and don't have a lead or programme to download. Is there the opportunity to download waypoints at registration. I own a Garmin Gheko.

Which Geko do you have, the 101, 201 or 301? The 101 doesn't have a port for up and downloading, I believe. You can only type waypoints in manually. I would only do so for the checkpoints - too much trouble for the full route.  For the 201 (310), look up this link, find the 201(301) and look at accessories. One is a cable to connect your GPS to a PC (same for both models, I think).

Having made the connection, you need an interface program. I usually use GPSU, but the 'free' version has a limit to the number of waypoints and trackpoints. A free program that I have also used is GPS trackmaker. Once you are set up, its not complicated to communicate with a computer. Then you can subsequently plot your route on a map or in Google Earth, it makes it worth the effort. .

Do you know if it possible to store the waypoint on a Garmin forerunner 101?
The Garmin forerunner 101 can store waypoints; the problem is recording them. There is no possibility of connecting it to a computer, so you can't download a waypoint file to produce the route. I am not sure if there is a way of entering waypoint data.  Others allow you to enter waypoints via a toggle button, or via a pseudo keyboard, in either case tedious for more than a couple of waypoints - hopeless for 160. If you want to repeat the exercise for a different event, you have to throw away previous hard work.  It is much better to upload a suitable waypoint set from a PC, possible with any GPS unit that has a computer link port and has waypoint and route capabilities.

On the course:
At the checkpoints / feedstations what food and drink is on offer?
Varies. All have at least something to drink and some kind of snack. You may have seen Santa's lavish feed station at CP1 and CP7 on the website. CP4 'half way' is in a sports pavilion and has hot drinks and soup in abundance, sandwiches, bananas, chocs, sweets, etc. Stoke up at these, and you won't be disappointed at the others. Especially if running you won't need all that's offered.  You may want to carry some refreshments for the first long stage. 

Are there minimum kit requirements?
We donít have a minimum kit requirement as we consider all participants to be responsible adults, capable of deciding what they need for their own safety.  IMPORTANT: you are required to carry a mobile phone, so that should you get lost or injured you can request assistance, and we can go home knowing that everyone has been accounted for. Save the emergency number 07860 250878 in case of problems.

What kit do people normally carry round with them? 
I would recommend adequate clothing for possible weather conditions (probably no worse than a blizzard...). You do not say if you are walking or running. Most runners (well, I) have a small bum bag with cag, phone, emergency food (a bit of mintcake, some toffees, perhaps), LED torch. Walkers may have a small rucksack with an extra fleece, etc, as however warm during the day (and we have been lucky with good weather for the last few years) it soon gets quite cold after dark.  And it can be difficult to keep up the speed necessary to maintain body heat over muddy fields.... 
Note: Torches/headlights are required by 6 am starters for the first section, especially for runners, and after (about) 6:45 pm for walkers and slower runners.  Runners who start at 6 am will definitely need lights once they leave the hard-surfaced path at Elsecar and enter King's Wood, after 8 km.  Dawn breaks at 7:02 (2014), so it will be dark in the woods if you consistently run that first part on good paths.

Do I need to carry a mug (as in LWDA events)?
No, we provide plastic cups (generally) - please dispose of responsibly, in litter bags at the checkpoints or litter bins elsewhere.  Occasionally you may get a proper pottery mug - please hand back in at that checkpoint. 

Please can you confirm whether there will be a bag drop at Checkpoint 4 for this year's race? If so, is it relatively easy to quickly locate bags at the checkpoint? Are the bags ordered by race number?
There is a bag drop for the middle checkpoint, Woodsetts, and bags are returned to the event centre. You can send clean dry clothes/sock and food (although that's like sending coals to Newcastle). Various systems have been used, e.g. putting your bag in a labelled bag, but Iím sure you wonít have difficulty finding your stuff.

I read somewhere that one half of the route is possibly more muddier(?) than the other and that some runners have put shoes in their dropbags to change into.
There is a section of potential mud on Stage 1, end of stage 3, field crossings for most of stage 4 (all before middle checkpoint). Potential mud on stages 5, 6 and 7. But Stages 4 and 7 have the longest sections of paths across fields, which may have been ploughed, so changing footwear at Woodsetts, after Stage 4, is a reasonable option. Sections 5 and 6 cross fields on farm tracks, which often have a grassy central section.  A lot depends on how much rain we have in the week before the event, but generally there is much less than when the event was in December.
If your footwear starts to get mud-encased, walk through puddles; the mud won't stick to wet boots/shoes.

Is there a drop bag option on route?
Yes, you can leave a bag in the event centre hall, in a collection point, to be transferred to the middle check point (aka half-way checkpoint, but you'll get it at Woodsetts, not Harthill!!).  It goes in a plastic bag on which you write your race number (issued on the day).  As if by magic, it will get back to the event centre before you (or at least by the time you've had your meal).

How many good toilet stops are there on the way round?
Checkpoints 2 to 6 are in halls with toilet facilities. For Woodsetts, facilities are limited so you may call at the Butcher's Arm on the approach (or leave that way)... Morrisons on Stage 1 doesn't open until 8:00, so individuals will be too early. After Tinsley (Stage 2) you could try the Pike and Heron on Bawtry Road. Rother Valley Park (Stage 3) has facilities at the park centre (cross suspension bridge and follow river to central buildings; cross river again at main road bridge). There is a pub just after checkpoint 7, but you might look a little out of place, out of glad rags, on Saturday night; you could give it a whirl! On the Rotherham council website, the only public toilets that they acknowledge are in the town centre!

Can you confirm if dogs are allowed as I usually run with mine
Unfortunately, TRA rules do not permit dogs on their events, a rule of UK:athletics and a condition of our public liability insurance. Sorry.

At least the wind will be drying the mud a bit - though do I detect you are in favour of us poor runners doing battle against as much mud as possible! 
And I will enjoy it too! Our council have been changing muddy paths to cycle tracks - takes the fun out of it! But we have taken revenge on Stage 7, an off-road route to replace a (dangerous) road section....

Visit the Ultra Marathoning website for further advice on Ultra-marathoning (it also has global listings of ultra events, including the RRR)

I am entered for the RRR 50. I am worried that I may get lost when it falls dark on the evening as I will be in unfamiliar surroundings. The photographs you have put on the website of the course are an excellent idea and will hopefully help me tremendously. Will all photographs be available to print off the website prior to the event?
The standard route description are the written and map. We are beginning to develop the photographic system. I am not sure if it is that accurate - need some experience of people actually using it. Which is why I've posted the early part, where the route is changed. I plan to take some pictures as I go round this year, but too late for Saturday week, I'm afraid (plan is to assemble The Route in Pictures in a printable format - keep watching this website).  Update; last year I was caught on the night section by a guy following the route on his Smartphone -impressive use of technology.  See navigation page for more information!

Also if I fall off the pace what is the situation regarding finishing if we fail to make the cut off time of 11:00?
If you get to Maltby at about 6 pm, you should have time to get to the finish before 11 pm. There is a sweeper, walking from Maltby at 6:45; if you go adrift, and if you get with him I guess you should get a finish. The staff at the event centre are understandably keen to leave the Event Centre by 11 pm. If you can, it's as well to check out the route from Roche Abbey to Maltby Church, and Micklebring to Hooton Roberts and on to Old Denaby before the day. Also the bit round Swinton. Do remember to take a torch/headlamp - in the dark, the route from Maltby to Old Denaby is impossible without. You can make it easy for yourself by making sure you're with a local!

Can you tell me any information about services provided during the race. What is at the checkpoints? Water only? Is there a place for a bag drop?
If you explore the website, you will find answers to most of your questions - and some you may not have thought of. 7 intermediate checkpoints that also serve refreshments, quite varied, but all at least water & something to eat.  At the fourth ('half way' checkpoint),  you can get a light meal with soup, tea, coffee, sarnies, bongers, chocolate, cake, etc. A bag can be sent here from Registration (comes back to Event Centre before most runners).  There is a picture on the website of Father Christmas (from when the event was in December) with the feast he provides at Checkpoints 1 and 7 .  

I have only just thought about the fact that we will still be out when it is dark. Do people use headlamps? Flashlights? Is there lighting on the route?
I use a small LED headlamp - good enough for looking at the map as well as picking out the route. The route is mostly well defined, although you need to take correct turns. It is useful to have a light to see mud / mire, fallen trees, and boulders (set to exclude vehicles) even if you are with someone who knows the way. In the dark, the route from Maltby to Old Denaby is impossible without a light.

Multiple Entries:
I had a problem this year trying to make a payment, so I abandoned this method. I posted the entries for two of us with a cheque. Hope that is not confusing for you.
No problem you entering twice if you want to do two laps. Sorry, no feed stations second time round...... 


My team is doing the relay for the first time.  Can I clarify a couple of points?

  1. We start at 8am.  Does this mean the registration time is between 7.15am and 7.50am?
  2. Does the whole team need to register, or just our first runner?
    The 'Team manager' registers (first runner can be delegated).  But should know if there are any team changes, and last runner (probably with at least some other team members as applauding supporters) should also make officials aware of any team changes on the day.  Team letters / numbers (relays are usually identified by letter rather than number but sometimes numbers have been used... depends on number of teams, etc) are normally collected by the team manager in advance, one for each team member allowing them to be circulated in advance, one to be worn by each runner.  If all team members are going to go to the event centre before the start, letters can be collected there (usually applies to the popular 2-member teams, running alternate stages, the non-runner driving to meet the runner at the next checkpoint)
  3. Does each runner need to register at their starting check point?
    Hand-over is by transfer of SIcard - the timing device carried (by relay teams) on a lanyard. You can't set off without it, or you won't be timed at the next checkpoint!! But it is perhaps as well for the outgoing runner to make him/her-self known to the timing official during a lull in proceedings ('I am the next runner for team X') to avoid being inadvertently recorded when milling around.  The outgoing runner should not go back down the course looking for the incoming runner, with the risk of confusion for the recording official.

l want to run a female this year in my remaining male team of 7 ,so is this ok.please advise me

The relay categories are Open, Mixed and Female (not Male, Mixed and Female).
A Female team must be all ladies.
In a Mixed team, ladies must cover a third of the distance, as would be the case for a team with 4 ladies running the shortest stages (approximately). With 2 or 3 ladies, they have to take on some of the longer stages for a valid Mixed team (the 2 longest stages if 2 ladies stages).
An Open team is one that does not meet the requirements of a Mixed or Female team; always an all-male team or a team with just one or two stages run by a lady (or 3 shorter stages).  Hence, we don't have the paradox of ladies running in a Male team!



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