Round Rotherham Run 19 Oct 2013

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Relay teams 19 entered so far

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Note: race numbers will be issued on the day.  The entry number refers to the computer record

Entries are sorted alphabetically by surname so that you can check your number of completions.
In the table, your location is given in case you want to try to make joint travel arrangements.  If you want to be put in contact with someone on the list, contact  me  to mediate an e-mail introduction (if we have the e-mail address).   Entries are (normally) sorted alphabetically by surname for each start time (sequence on list at registration).

This list is to be read in conjunction with the original list on the RHAC site. Alternatively, go to the RHAC main page and follow links to Round Rotherham.  (No responsibility is accepted for the content of external sites).   That list also gives your indicated start time.  Note: change of start time is permitted on the day - register before 6am for the early start, after 6:10 for the 7am start. We don't want extra congestion during registration for the 6am start, or for people to register for 7am but slip off with the 6am starters!

The list below, updated infrequently, has, in addition, the number of completions, and your name as used in the archive.  I have not been able to properly process the 2012 results to update the archive with the verified number of completions; please contact  me if you think the figure is wrong

If you appear on this list but not the RHAC list, which is updated soon after your completed entry, you probably have not paid, and your entry is provisional.  Please remedy the situation - Email for any enquiries about your entry .

This list will be used for the results stored in the archive, which will be compiled as soon as possible after the event.  A number of people appear twice (or more) on the start list. If you name has appeared twice, different duplicate entries may have been removed by different processors of the lists. 

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Entry Name  Archive Name m/f ClubName Town Country Finishes
Stuart Abbott Stuart Abbott M Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   0
Dave Acklam Dave Acklam M   Derby   1
Neil Adair Neil Adair M Spectrum Striders Whittle Le Woods   0
Graham Akrill Graham Akrill M   Lincoln   1
Daniel Aldus Daniel Aldus M City Of Hull Ac Hull   1
Steve Allen Steve Allen M Barnet & District Ac London   0
Daniel Ankerso Daniel Ankerso M   Fredensborg Denmark 0
Ricky Answer Ricky Answer M   Sheffield   0
James Archbold James Archbold M   Keswick   1
Christopher John Robert Ashton Christopher John Robert Ashton M   Sheffield   0
Nigel Aston Nigel Aston M Fra Leicester   0
Ashok Azhagarasan Ashok Azhagarasan M   Nottingham   0
Martin Bacon Martin Bacon M Portsmouth Joggers Portsmouth   2
Mike Bainbridge Mike Bainbridge M Stubbington Green Runners. Gosport   0
Ray Baines Ray Baines M Dark Peak Fell Runners Exeter   3
Pam Baird Pam Baird F Ldwa South Manchester Macclesfield   4
Emma Baker Emma Baker F Hunters Bog Trotters Edinburgh   3
Jeff Baker Jeff Baker M   Swadlincote   0
Kev Baldry Kev Baldry M Centurion R R Birmingham   0
Chris Bannister Chris Bannister M   Sheffield   0
Paul Barlow Paul Barlow M Ldwa Vermuyden Worksop   1
Jonathan Barnard Jonathan Barnard M Mossley Hill Athletics Club Epworth   1
Steven Battle Steven Battle M Worksop Harr. Worksop   1
Suzanne Beardsmore Suzanne Beardsmore F Abingdon Ac Newbury   0
Paul Beasley Paul Beasley M Sutton-In-Ashfield Harriers & Ac Nottingham   1
Peter Beddows Peter Beddows M   Dewsbury   0
Robert Bennett Robert Bennett M   Oldham   0
Simon Bennett Simon Bennett M Bowland Fell Runners Ifold   1
Mark Benton Mark Benton M Teammanvers Swinton   2
Caroline Billis Caroline Billis F Heaton Harriers Newcastle Upon Tyne   0
Emma Bird Emma Bird (Ssea) F   Southsea   0
Mike Blamires Mike Blamires M Beverley AC Beverley   3
Joanne Bolton Joanne Bolton F Kimberworth Striders Barnsley   1
Jenny Bonham Jenny Bonham F   Richmond   2
Kerry Booth Kerry Booth M Rotherham Harriers Sheffield   22
Sarah Booth Sarah Booth F Pudsey Pacers Pudsey   4
Andreas Bradley Andreas Bradley M   Not Given   2
Andreas Bradley Andrew Bradley M   Catterick Garrison   2
Bradley David David Bradley M Blyth Running Club Bedlington   2
Jez Bragg Jez Bragg M Bournemouth Ac Shapwick, Blandford Forum   2
Christine Bramley Christine Bramley F   Bedford   0
Alison Brind Alison Brind F Stone Master Marathoners Stone   9
Pam Brown Pam Brown F Wooler Rc Wooler   2
Richard Brown Richard Brown M Sale Harriers Macclesfield   2
Amanda Browne Amanda Browne F Valley Hill Runners Rotherham   0
Paul Buchanan Paul Buchanan M Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   0
Ann-Marie Bulcock Ann-Marie Bulcock F Skipton Ac Skipton   0
Jason Bulley Jason Bulley M Sandbach Striders Sandbach   1
Glen Burmeister Glen Burmeister M   Loughborough   0
Mark Burnell Mark Burnell M Portsmouth Joggers Portsmouth   0
Paul Burrows Paul Burrows M Jersey Spartan Ac St Saviour, Jersey   0
Sonny Burrows Sonny Burrows M Birmingham Running Athletics And Triathalon (Brat) Rotherham   0
Sharon Burton Sharon Burton F Rotherham Harriers Chesterfield   3
Triss Cantwell Triss Cantwell F 38, Regent Street Rotherham   0
Tom Carey Tom Carey M   Nottingham   0
Rebecca Chesmore Rebecca Chesmore F West Yorks Ldwa Leeds   4
Cass Chisholm Cass Chisholm F Brat Birmingham   0
Janet Clark Janet Clark F Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   0
Liam Peter Clark Liam Peter Clark M Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   0
Clark Rick Rick Clark M   Stockport   1
John Clarke John Clarke (Glynn) M   Sheffield   1
Colin Clayton Colin Clayton M   Huddersfield   1
Ian Coates Ian Coates M   Rotherham   2
Nigel Coates Nigel Coates (Bolton) M   Bolton   2
Mick Cochrane Mick Cochrane M Rhac Sheffield   16
Steve Coey Steve Coey M Redroseroadrunners Blackburn   2
Garry Coleman Garry Coleman M   Huddersfield   0
Shirley Colquhoun Shirley Colquhoun F Tadcaster Harriers Tadcaster   4
Martin Connell Martin Connell M Wallasey Athletics Club Moreton   0
Anne Cook Anne Cook F Ripley Running Club Wessington   0
Ian Cooke Ian Cooke M   Pontefract   0
Wally Coppelov Wally Coppelov M Newburgh Nomads Ormskirk   0
Steve Cotterill Stephen Cotterill M   Stoke On Trent   2
Tremayne Cowdry Tremayne Cowdry M   Maidstone   0
Loxley Crawshaw Loxley Crawshaw M   Sheffield   0
David Cremins David Cremins M North East Marathon Club Knaresborough   2
Jonathan Crooks Jonathan Crooks M   Ashton-Under-Lyne   0
Alan Cross Alan Cross M   Daventry   1
Sue Crossland Sue Crossland F Scunthorpe Nr Scunthorpe   3
Ryan Cudworth Ryan Cudworth M Tickhill Running & Ac Pitlochry   0
John Cunnane John Cunnane M Islwyn Running Club Pontypridd   14
Kevin Dale Kevin Dale M Steel City Striders Sheffield   0
Mark Dalton Mark Dalton M   Ripon   3
Emma Dando Emma Dando F   Tibshelf   0
Emma David Emma David F Nidd Valley Road Runners Killinghall   0
Iaan Davies Iaan Davies M Portsmouth Joggers Havant   0
Stephen Davies Stephen Davies M   Doncaster   0
Lee De Ste Croix Lee De Ste Croix M   St Lawrence   0
Elaine Dee Elaine Dee F East Yorks Ldwa Middleton-On-The-Wolds   5
Jonathan Derwanz Jonathan Derwanz M   Not Given   0
Brian Devine Brian Devine M Rother Valley Swallows Sheffield   6
Kevin Dews Kevin Dews M   Ashbourne   1
Lydia Dietrich Lydia Dietrich F North York Moors Ac Great Ayton   0
Martin Dietrich Martin Dietrich M North York Moors Ac Great Ayton   6
Russell Dobbs Russell Dobbs M Islwyn Running Club/Ldwa Blackwood   0
Hannah Douglass Hannah Douglass F   North Shields   1
Kevin Doyle Kevin Doyle M Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   5
Tim Doyle Tim Doyle M Carnethy Hill Runners Edinburgh   1
Kate Driskell Kate Driskell F   London   0
Colin Earl Colin Earl M Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   0
Chris Edgley Christopher Edgley M   St Ives   1
David Egan David Egan (Ttly) M Totley AC Sheffield   11
Paul Elliott Paul Elliott M Dark Peak Fell Runners Sheffield   1
Simon Ellner Simon Ellner M   Leeds   0
Andrew Ellwood Andrew Ellwood M Skipton Ac Skipton   0
Mike Elwell Mike Elwell M Saddleworth Runners Oldham   9
Justine Eveleigh Justin Eveleigh M   Rugby   2
James Fairfield James Fairfield M East Cheshire Harriers Ashton- Under- Lyne   1
Brian Fisher Brian Fisher M Ldwa Chorley Lancs   0
Andrew Fletcher Andrew Fletcher M   Knutsford   4
Paul Fountain Paul Fountain M   Halifax   0
Jim Fulton Jim Fulton M Dpfr Sheffield   12
Gerry Garland Gerry Garland M   Bicester   2
Steven Garlick Steve Garlick M Vocalink Running Club York   7
Kieron Gascoigne Kieron Gascoigne M   Doncaster   0
Martin Gaynor Martyn Gaynor M Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   15
Sandy Gee Sandy Gee M Stainland Lions Huddersfield   1
Anthony Gerundini Anthony Gerundini M Lincoln Tri / Tritalk.Co.Uk Lincoln   4
Deborah Gibbins Deborah Gibbins F Trail Running Association Westcliff-On-Sea   0
Adam Gilbert Adam Gilbert M   Sheffield   0
Andrew Gilbertson Andrew Gilbertson M   Daventry   4
Jane Glynn Jayne Glynn F   Dronfield   1
Stephen Godley Stephen Godley M   Nottingham   0
John Goodson John Goodson M Barton And District Barton On Humber   0
Emma Greaves Emma Greaves F Ely Runners Ely   1
David Green David Green M Preston Harriers Chorley   0
Simon Green Simon Green M Dark Peak Fell Runners Retford   0
Simon Philip Gregory Simon Gregory M Clowne Road Runners Sheffield   3
Terry Griffiths Terry Griffiths M LDWA - Vermuyden Rotherham   22
Gary Groves Gary Groves M Kimberworth Striders Rotherham   4
Jane Guest Jane Guest F Ldwa Hull   5
Peter Hague Peter Hague M South Yorks Police Ac Sheffield   1
Stephen Hall Stephen Hall M Skipton Ac Skipton   0
Jonathan Hallam Jon Hallam M   Treeton   1
Stephen Halton Stephen Halton M   Chorley   0
Nick Ham Nick Ham M Stockport Harriers Stockport   7
Mich Hardie Mich Hardie M Portsmouth Joggers Portsmouth   0
Michelle Harle Michelle Harle F Rotherham Harriers Sunnyside   0
James Harris James Harris M Fra Chesterfield   0
Richard Harris Richard Harris M   Swadlincote   0
William Harris William Harris M Shropshire Shufflers Ellesmere   2
Barry Harrison Barry Harrison M Trail Runners Assoc. Kingston Upon Thames   16
Paul Hart Paul Hart M Dumfries RC Dumfries   5
Graeme Harvey Graeme Harvey M   York   1
Kirsty Harvey Kirsty Harvey F   York   0
Mathew Harvey Mathew Harvey M Team Manvers Rotherham   1
Philip Hateley Philip Hateley M Stone Master Marathoners Stone   0
Tracey Hayward Tracey Hayward F Telford Harr. Telford   1
John Hazleton John Hazleton M   Stockport   0
Andrew Heald Andrew Heald M   London   1
Jon Hedger Jon Hedger M Torq Trail Shrewsbury   0
Graham Henry Graham Henry M Portobello Selkirk   7
Iain Hill Iain Hill M   Cleckheaton   0
Fraser Hirst Fraser Hirst M   Sheffield   3
Mark Hobson Mark Hobson M Rochdale Harriers Rochdale   0
Nils Hofmann Nils Hofmann M Rotherham Harriers Rotherham   1
Geoff Holburt Geoff Holburt M LDWA Bolton   5
Pez Holda Pez Holda M Sheffied Rc Sheffield   0
Belinda Holdsworth Belinda Holdsworth F   Egliswil   0
Belinda Holdsworth Wikstrom Belinda Holdsworth Wikstrom F   Egliswil Switzerland 0
Sandra Hopkins Sandra Hopkins F Portsmouth Joggers Portsmouth   0
Chris Hopkinson Chris Hopkinson M   Richmond   5
Chris Hough Chris Hough M Dpfr Sheffield   1
Kevin Hoult Kevin Hoult M Stadium Runners Huddersfield   2
Sara Houlton Sara Houlton F   Wirral   0
Paul Houston Paul Houston M Harmeny Ac Falkirk   0
Marla Howard-Cutts Marla Howard-Cutts F Southwell Rc Nottingham   10
Gill Howe Gillian Howe F   Daventry   4
Phillip Howells Phillip Howells M Tewkesbury AC Ledbury   2
Jennifer Howland Jennifer Howland F Istead And Ifield Harriers Rochester   0
Ian Hull Ian Hull M   Keighley   1
Chris Hume Chris Hume M Westbury Harriers Bristol   9
Shirley Hume Shirley Hume F Westbury Harriers Bristol   12
Ania Hunter Ania Hunter F   York   0
Gordon Hutchins Gordon Hutchins M Sandbach Striders Sandbach   0
Michael Hyde Michael Hyde M Stadium Runners Huddersfield   1
Stephen Ismay Stephen Ismay M   Olney   0
Mark Jacob Mark Jacob M   Matlock   1
David Jelley David Jelley M Ripon Runners Club Ripon   1
Michael Jenkinson Michael Jenkinson M   Sheffield   0
Ernest Jewson Ernie Jewson M Trail Running Association Westcliff-On-Sea   2
Norman Johnson Norman Johnson M   Oldham   1
Kim Johnston Kim Johnston M   Welford   0
Mike Jones Mike Jones (Brf) M   Brough   0
Andrew Jordan Andrew Jordan M Trail Running Association Swindon   0
Andy Jordan Andy Jordan M Harpenden Arrows Harpenden   0
Andrew Killick Andrew Killick M   Sheffield   2
Chris King Chris King M   London   0
Ian Kittle Ian Kittle M   Rugby   0
Lee Knight Lee Knight M   Ambleside   2
Richard Lawton Richard Lawton M   Leeds   0
Lorraine Laycock Lorraine Laycock F Pickering Malton   0
Andrew Leys Andrew Leys M Heaton Harriers Newcastle   0
Stephen Lightfoot Stephen Lightfoot M   Castleford   0
Robert Lovegrove Robert Lovegrove M Fra Atherstone   4
Joe Lucassi Joe Lucassi M Team Manvers Rawmarsh, Rotherham   0
Andrew Macdonald Andrew Macdonald M   Barnet   0
Roy Macdougall Roy Macdougall M Quakers Running Club Darlington   1
Ellie Mackin Ellie Mackin F   London   0
Mallon Judith Judith Mallon F Valley Hill Barnsley   2
Brett Marshall Brett Marshall M   Barnsley   0
Gordon Marshall Gordon Marshall M Redhill Road Runners Nottingham   0
Marshall Kevin Kevin Marshall M Ilford Ac Bury St Edmunds   11
Henry Marston Henry Marston M Rhac Rotherham   23
Kevin Mather Kevin Mather M   Warrington   0
Jane Matthews Jane Matthews F Southwell R.C Epperstone   9
Ray Matthews Raymond Matthews M Maltby Running Club Maltby   7
Paul Maude Paul Maude M   Rotherham   0
Graeme Lloyd Mccarthy Graeme Lloyd Mccarthy M Dpfr Sheffield   0
Bill McDonnell Bill McDonnell M Pensby Runners Moreton   2
James Mchugh James McHugh M Merseyside Ldwa Wirral   2
Steve Mchugh Steve Mchugh M   Wirral   0
Samual Meadows Sam Meadows M   Doncaster   2
Alexia Melling Alexia Melling F   Manchester   0
Michael Meredith Michael Meredith M   Sheffield   0
Carl Middleon Carl Middleton M   Apperknowle   0
John Henry Bramble Mildmay-White John Henry Bramble Mildmay-White M   Plymouth   0
Robin Miller Robin Miller M   Sheffield   0
Craig Mills Craig Mills M   Manchester   0
Paul Minns Paul Minns M Wakefield Hariers Wakefield   1
Trevor Misson Trevor Misson M City Of Hull Ac Swanland   0
Philip Moore Philip Moore M   Nottingham   0
Ian Moorhouse Ian Moorhouse M   Rotherham   0
Ashley Morrell Ashley Morrell M   Hempton   0
Emma Morrell Emma Morrell F   Hempton   0
David Motloch David Motloch M Ldwa Vermuyden Mexborough   4
Adrian J Murray-Walker Adrian J Murray-Walker M Annan & District Ac Annan   1
Philip Musson Philip Musson M LDWA - Yorks Coast East Yorks   12
Karen Nash Karen Nash F Fra Preston   3
Royston Neal Royston Neal M   Bicester   0
Mike Newbitt Mike Newbitt M Fairwands Valley Spartans Stevenage   4
Mark Newey Mark Newey M   Rotherham   0
Jason Nichols-Dixon Jason Nichols-Dixon M   Rotherham   0
Andy Norman Andy Norman M   Pudsey   3
Jeremy Nottingham Jeremy Nottingham M   Wakefield, West Yorks   5
Mo Overfield Mo Overfield M   Rotherham   2
David Oxley David Oxley M   Horncastle   11
Amanda Parnaby Amanda Parnaby F Ilkley Harriers Leeds   6
Nigel Paylor Nigel Paylor M Sutton In Ashfield Harriers And Athletic Club Sutton In Ashfield   0
Kevin Payne Kevin Payne M Mid Essex Casuals Colchester   0
Martin Payne Martin Payne M Dark Peak Fell Runners Sheffield   5
Josie Pegg Josie Pegg F Bournemouth Joggers Bournemouth   0
John Phillips John Phillips M   Oldham   1
Laurence Piercy Laurence Piercy M Dark Peak Fell Runners Sheffield   0
Rhys Pippard Rhys Pippard M Brat Oldbury   0
Cameron Porter Cameron Porter M Team Manvers Rotherham   0
Mark Powell Mark Powell M   Wirral   0
David Preston David Preston M   Lincoln   0
Malcolm Procter Malcolm Procter M Kimberworth Striders Doncaster   1
David Pryce David Pryce M   Henley On Thames   2
Richard Randle Richard Jl Randle M Doncaster Athletic Club Doncaster   1
Lee Rawson Lee Rawson M Fra Doncaster   1
Nick Reed Nick Reed M   Glossop   1
Miranda Reynolds Miranda Reynolds F Ely Runners Littleport   0
Stewart Rhodes Stewart Rhodes M City Of Hull Ac North Ferriby   0
Michael Richardson Michael Richardson M   Newport   1
Pat Richardson Pat Richardson F Islwyn Running Club Crosskeys   0
Paul Richardson Paul Richardson M Garden City Runners Welwyn Garden City   0
Leanne Rive Leanne Rive F   St Martin   0
Roderick Rivers Roderick Rivers M Kimberworth Striders Barnsley   3
Dave Roberts Dave Roberts M Billingham Hash House Harriers Not Given   10
Andy Robinson Andy Robinson M Helsby Rc Northwich   0
Dougie Robinson Dougie Robinson M   Manchester   0
Mark Robinson Mark Robinson M Harrogate Harriers Harrogate   0
Michael Joseph Robinson Mike Robinson M Dark Peak FR Oldham   1
Rodgers Sean Sean Rodgers M Team Manvers Doncaster   1
Mark Rodham Mark Rodham M   Cleckheaton   0
Patrick Rooney Pat Rooney M Kimberworth Striders Barnsley   10
Karen Rush Karen Rush F   Oldham   0
Angie Sadler Angie Sadler F Tewksbury Ac Tewkesbury   1
Christopher Sanders Chris Sanders M LDWA - Staffs Stafford   22
Ian Sanderson Ian Sanderson M Valley Striders Leeds   0
Dick Scroop Richard Scroop M Mercia Fell Runners Wolverhampton   4
Alf Short Alf Short M Lancashire Walking Club Wigan   3
Cat Simpson Cat Simpson F Sheen Shufflers London   0
Joseph Slater Joseph Slater M   Pontefract   0
Simon Sleney Simon Sleney M Clowne Road Runners Chesterfield   0
Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith M Stainland Lions Halifax   0
Kevin Smith Kevin Smith M Darwen Dashers Blackburn   0
Naomi Smith Naomi Smith F   Huddersfield   0
Nick Smith Nick Smith M   Sheffield   0
Phil Smith Phil Smith M   Ashington   0
Jan Soderkvist Jan Soderkvist M   Taby Sweden 1
Paul Sorensen Paul Sorensen M Tra 1947 Cheltenham   11
Steven Spence Steven Spence M   Burnley   1
Lucy Stamford Lucy Stamford F Beverley Beverley   0
Paul Stead Paul Stead M Northbrook Ac Solihull   3
Jonathan Steele Jonathan Steele M Tadcaster Harriers Tadcaster   1
Major Steven Major Steven M   Cramlington   0
Nick Stubley Nick Stubley M Team Manvers Rotherham   1
Philip Sugden Philip Sugden M Long Eaton Running Club West Hallam   0
Jack Swindells Jack Swindells M   Sheffield   0
Mui Imm Tan Mui Imm Tan M   Kirkby-In-Ashfield   1
Jacob Tangey Jacob Tangey M Dumfries Running Club Melrose   0
Nick Taylor Nick Taylor M Scunthorpe & District AC Messingham   3
Roger Taylor Roger Taylor M Stone Master Marathoners Stone   3
Gordon Teal Gordon Teal M Ldwa Leeds   0
Stuart Telford Stuart Telford M   Leeds   0
David Thompson Dave Thompson M Quakers RC Stockton   4
John Tinelli John Tinelli M Ldwa South Wales Ldwa, South Wales Enter Club Name Plea Ebbw Vale   0
Paul Tipper Paul Tipper M   Wakefield   1
Frank Tonge Frank Tonge M   Manchester   0
Russell Tullett Russell Tullett M Portsmouth Joggers Havant   0
John Peter Vaux Turner John Turner M LDWA York   2
Roy Varo Roy Varo M Rotherham H & AC Rotherham   25
Richard Vaughan Richard Vaughan M   Wakefield   0
John Vernon John Vernon M Dark Peak Fell Runners Sheffield   8
Nadia Vodopivec Nadia Vodopivec F Holme Pierrepont Running Club Nottingham   0
Nathan Walsh Nathan Walsh M   Preston   1
Kieran Walshe Kieran Walshe M Lymm Runners Lymm   3
Michael Ward Michael Ward M   York   0
Bill Watson Bill Watson M Haddington & East Lothian Pacemakers Edinburgh   9
Judith Webb Judith Webb F Penistone Footpath Runners And Ac Sheffield   5
Damien Webster Damien Webster M Newburgh Ormskirk   0
Andrew West Andrew West M LDWA - Anytime/where Doncaster   23
Elizibeth Westby Liz Westby F Valley Hill Sheffield   1
Simon Wheatcroft Simon Wheatcroft M   Doncaster   0
Sally Anne Wheelhouse Sally Anne Wheelhouse F Maltby Running Club Doncaster   0
Michael Whitehead Michael Whitehead M   Worksop   0
Jason Williams Jason Williams M   Wirral   0
Paul Williams Paul Williams M   Rotherham   2
Marcus Wilson Marcus Wilson     Rotherham   1
Jason Winney Jason Winney M   Caerphilly   0
David Wolsey David Wolsey M Hartsholme Runners Lincoln   3
Caroline Wood Caroline Wood F Ldwa Lichfield   1
Cathy Wood Cathy Wood F Bridlington Road Runners Scarborough   0
Russell Woodfield Russell Woodfield M Holmfirth Harriers Huddersfield   0
Jim Wright Jim Wright M   Shrewsbury   0
Kinga Zakrzewska Kinga Zakrzewska F   Wroclaw Poland 2


Note: this is a preliminary list, not fully verified.  It will be checked!


The number of completions in the list is based on our records; I think some people have put the number of starts rather than the number of finishes.  Please contact me, Henry Marston, with any queries about the list below, e.g. if you think the number of completions is wrong, or if I have mistaken you for someone else of the same or similar name.   For dopplegangers, an identifying abbreviated tag, in brackets, is added after the archive name.  This tag remains permanently in the archive.list   They are usually generated from the town given in the address.  Entry enquiries

Certain names will be corrected later - e.g. where there is a capital letter in the middle, as in McKnight.  Town and County are as entered by the participant, e.g. Sheffield may be put as the Town or County


Already, more entries have been received. 

If you have any queries/about your entry, email RRR entries
For the Archive, completions and related enquiries: Henry Marston

Take me to the RRR entry page, RRR Page, Trail Page or Henry's Home Page
 Note: any people who advise us that they will not be able to take part remain on this list to be archived as dsn's

Please check Club name, which is used for the team competition. No club, no team
For LDWA, teams are based on groups (e.g.) LDWA - Variety.
LDWA as a whole does not count in the team competition

Relay Teams

Relay teams (19 to date as listed on the RHAC website )

club info
Rotherham Rookies Mixed;
Rotherham Harriers & Ac Female;women In Black
Kimberworth Striders Open;kimmy Kingpins
Kimberworth Striders Mixed;kimmy Krackers
Rhodes Redoubtables Open
Dumfries Running Club Open;doonhamers
Kimberworth Striders Female: loopy Ladies
Rhac Open;sprinting Spencers
Kimberworth Striders Female;kimmy Kittens
Unattached Mixed;bassetlaw Allsorts
Handsworth Roadhogs Open; deadwood



Gender may not be specified on the entry form, but needs to be specified for Mixed teams in particular to check validity. For Mixed teams, Female distance run is based on stated names.  All members of Female teams are ladies (but 'Open minders' are permitted).

Validity of teams indicated as Mixed? to be verifieded
Mixed team : 4 or more stages run by ladies.  Concession: 2 or 3 stages can be run by ladies provided that at least one third of the distance, i.e. total distance of at least 27 km to be run by ladies.  With 3 ladies stages, options that allow a lady to run the Glory stage 8 include (a) ladies run Stage 1 plus another or (b) ladies run Stage 3 plus 2 others, but not both 6 and 8.  Or two ladies can run stage 1 and one of  2, 3 or 7.  There are more options if a man runs the Glory leg.

Note: RELAY race numbers will be issued in advance (for circulation to team members) or by arrangement can be issued on the day (especially for teams of two)

e-mail entries are usually more up to date than postal entries, but are still processed in batches
postal entries are forwarded at intervals and can then be processed

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