Result Analysis for Rowbotham's Round Rotherham
Individual Event

Saturday, 13th December, 2008

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Line 1: overall time in hour:min & (current position in event).
Line 2: time for current stage in hour:min & (change in position)
Line 3: Speed as min:sec/km & (ranking on current stage)

Note: if you were in a group, your position can fluctuate through the event.
Timing is to the nearest minute at intermediate checkpoints, so apparent different positions get a the same ranking.  If, at the finish, you want your 2 second advantage to be recognised, let me know as groups have usually been batched.  Timing to the second helps separate people on different start times. 

2008: For technical reasons, split times are not available for Grange and Treeton - but you can analyse the rest  First stage is Start to Harthill - actually half way!

In HTML format (as used in the internet browser) this is a very large file that is almost unintelligible.  The information is provided in a .pdf file that can be printed on 10 pages or an Excel file that can be searched more easily. Click on the following link, either to view it or right click, Save Target As and then print it.  Now updated to include splits for all finishers, after Harthill.  Some 30 missing times have been interpolated, where possible (guessed) based on groups people arrived at other checkpoints.  Well, it's been quite a task, regrettably delaying production of these splits.  I'm glad I didn't have to try to work out who was still 'out' on the basis of these sheets - and (conversely) I have great respect for the checkpoint officials who have managed to get records as complete as they are.

Splits as pdf  Splits as Excel

Note: this is one case where distance measurement is more accurate than the time.  Time was only recorded to the nearest minute at intermediate checkpoints, and therefore 12.2 km in 57 min could be 12.3 km in 56 min, presented as 12.84 or 13.18 km/h respectively

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