Results of Rowbotham's Round Rotherham

Saturday, 10th December, 2005

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Leading Male

Congratulations to Jez on achieving the best time for many years

Here's Jez:

1 Jez Bragg Trail Runners Assoc. M 06:33:56
2 Gary Woolgar Brighton and Hove City AC M 07:28:58
3 Les Hill Dumfries RC M 07:57:21

This graph shows how Jez ran compared to the rest of us - he kept up a good speed all the way.  Stage 1 to Grange has more climb than any other stage, and Stage 4 has the long section across fields (and more fields).  The first 20 or so (one of a group that kept together) are show, together with other random participants.  Note, those who were out in the dark towards the end were necessarily slowed.

Relay analysis

Time was only recorded to the nearest minute at intermediate checkpoints, and therefore 12.2 km in 57 min could be 12.3 km in 56 min, presented as 12.84 or 13.18 km/h respectively.  Good a runner as Richard Harris is, his leg 7 performance looks too good to be true, but may partly be a consequence of restricted timing precision.


Check Point 1 - what a feast, and Ray appeared again at CP7!

The feast is ready for customers

All was going well, then a couple of itinerant runners arrive!

(Higher definition pictures can be provided on request.)

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